Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's October 1st. I love October. I love all the seasons, and each month has its beauty, but if I had to pick a favourite month, it would be October.

October has Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en (pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins) and I always take a week of vacation. The leaves are turning, the weather is cool but usually sunny. And everything just smells wonderful. October is when I first met Dave (13 years ago, now!). I can pull out my sweaters and shawls, and knitting is never uncomfortable.

Here are somethings that are kicking this October off right
 Popcorn Drift has bloomed! (And you can see how it got its name - it looks good enough to eat!)
The Sedum is flowering and getting nice and dark. The butterflies love it - I've even seen two Monarchs!
Kale! I'm not ever going to eat it (blech!) - but it will make a nice addition to the fall garden.
Sandpoint continues to fly. The back has been cast off and is already blocked - and I've got the ribbing for the front started.
More yarn for Christmas knits... these will become beret genereux for Dave's grandma.
A surprise package of the most beautiful, wonderful-smelling soaps from Araignee! Nothing better than a hot bath after a cold day out!

What's making you happy this October?


RobinH said...

Ooh, very nice! flowers and yarns both. Have you ever tried kale chips? ( Quite different from eating them as a raw green.

My favorite thing about October is the fall colors, but I'm afraid I'm not ready. I feel that there should be another month of summer, then I'll be ready to tackle fall.

Anonymous said...

October is my absolute favorite too. What's making me happy ----- ch-ch-ch-changes in my personal life that have made things SO much simpler. The fact that in a couple of weeks the weather will become much less rainy and much cooler.

October is the best!

kathy b said...

Just . Everything.
Crisp air
Needing a blanket at night
Cats on radiators
CUBS in playoffS

Araignee said...

Hahahaha....I must be getting old. I looked at that box of soap stuff and didn't realize it was mine for a while. I'd forgotten I'd sent it. Oh, man...that's scary.

Rachelle said...

Warmer temperatures - though could do without the spring gales
Having found the studio floor
Working out that the warp I was working on was a dud and clearing the decks