Thursday, October 22, 2015

Still a-bloom

Here we are, just over a week from November and things are still blooming. We had a bit of a cold snap over the weekend, but it's warmed up again and the plants are loving it.
I didn't get a tonne of flowers on the Nasturtiums, but every day or so, a new one blooms.
The Butterfly Bush is still covered in flowers... though I haven't seen a butterfly in weeks.
The Black-Eyed Susans are still going too, though they aren't quite as robust as they were last month.
All of the roses are covered in buds, though I don't know if the weather will hold long enough for them to bloom.
But even when the frost hits, I'll still have my beautiful Kale.


Judy S. said...

Love all of those flowers, and you reminded me that I need to find some kale!

Anonymous said...

You have had a good amount of luck with your flowers this year. Black Eyed Susans are so cute. You can't help, but smile when you see them.

Araignee said...

Wow....there must be something about this global warming thing. So far north and it looks almost tropical!