Monday, January 25, 2016

A note to our Canadian customers

As our Canadian compatriots know, our dollar is in the toilet compared to our neighbours to the south.

And unfortunately, our Etsy shop is set up in U.S. dollars (mostly because our suppliers are U.S., and it keeps things simple.) So our yarn prices must be looking astronimical right now.

Since we don't want to discourage our fans from buying locally, we’re offering our Canadian customers 25% discount using the coupon code CAD25. **
We’ll be leaving this open f until rates change, but we’re also discussing other options with our shop.

** This offer is for Canadian customers only. All other purchases that use the code will unfortunately be cancelled. Thank you for understanding.


Rachelle said...

Looks pretty awful over here in NZ as well, our dollar is also in the toilet and showing no signs of getting out. I'm trying to buy local when I can for that reason as well as the usual of supporting the local businesses.

Araignee said...

I had no idea. I just read an article about how much groceries are costing you now. Scary.

elns said...

I love the Wandering Cat Yarn, unfortunately I have too much yarn that must be converted to FOs before I can buy anymore yarn, but I will be back. Meanwhile I think it's lovely that you offering a discount to the local Canadians. Here's to Wandering Cat yarn and to the health of the Canadian dollar!

RobinH said...

Yikes. Although it does make me want to take a vacation in Canada (well, even more than I usually do!).