Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another meme from Kathy B

#1 Fingerless or Mittens or Gloves?
I love the idea of a nice warm pair of mittens, but I actually prefer to wear gloves - just more practical for me. But when it comes to the knitting... fingerless.  And fingerless are great for over air conditioned offices in the summer. I hate it when my hands freeze when I'm trying to work.

#2 A favorite hand lotion:
Lubriderm. I suffer from serious winter skin (though it's not so bad now with the electric baseboards), so a good lotion is a must. I'd love to get something scented, but I also have sensitive skin, so no pretty scents for me.
#3 When is the last time you wore rubber gloves?
When I used to pierce ears in my job at Claire's (about 15 years ago). I should wear them for dyeing yarn, but I absolutely hate wearing gloves (unless it's cold out and they are knitted). I am very tactile, and if I can't feel things, it drives me batty.

#4 Do you put on makeup with tools or your fingers?
I don't wear alot of make-up - just mascara and eye shadow.  I have a couple of eye shadow tins that don't have brushes, so I use fingers for those ones. I also have some cream eye shadows, and I find they go on best with fingers.
#5 Bar soap or liquid or foam?
Liquid soap in the kitchen (because it's hands only), but for the bath, it's bar. Again, because of my sensitivity, I have to be very careful. It's usually Dove unscented, but the lovely Araignee gifted me some of her beautiful handmade soaps... and happily, they don't bother my skin a bit! 

#6 Where do you keep hand sanitizer?
I've never really bothered with hand sanitizer. Dave has some because he deals with icky, cootie-filled kids... but that's about the extent of our use.

#7 Someone whose hand you wish you could hold again?
A couple of old cats...Kobi (a Tuxie boy with even more catitude than Tux) and Monkey (the sweetest little orange tabby-girl who ever lived) Both have been gone for a long time, (Kobi 12 years, Monkey, about 15) but I still miss them.

#8  Favorite pattern for the hands: 
So hard to pick just one.... here are a few


kathy b said...

Fascinating reading! I love your mitt picks. I too am terribly tactile. I cannot wear most clothing if it isnt cotton. I love the Blue Canoe clothing that I just came across.
Fingerless are fun to make and wear.

Araignee said...

I do so love those Owlie mitts. I have a pair here...and I need to go dig them out. It's finally COLD!

Rachelle said...

One of these days I'll have to actually make some gloves, but fingerless mitts have been more use the last few winters and mittens on the really cold days.