Thursday, January 7, 2016

Capping it off

Tux says thank-you for all the sympathy.  He was properly pathetic all day, and insisted on spending most of it in my lap.

But that meany I had plenty of time to knit. And as a result...
We have one completed sleeve cap.

I've done lots of top down sweaters, but all have been raglans or round yokes, so I was really curious how this one was going to work.  Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. Stitches are picked up around the whole arm hole, then you work to just past the top centre, and start short rows, working back and forth until the sleeve cap it complete. Pretty genius. I've already got plans of my own for a design using this method.

But first, I have to get this one off the needles, of course.


Anonymous said...

Looking good.

I love doing short rows. It keeps things interesting.

kathy b said...

I'm always glad to hear there's a technique that I may be able to master! Trail blazer you! It is looking great.

Araignee said...

I am soooooo struggling with the sleeve tops of Son's Cardi. I tried to modify the pattern so it would fit and it's been a nightmare. I was soooooo not ready to try this-Craftsy class or not. Designing is HARD.

elns said...

I'm liking that green yarn and I love when you forge ahead in new techniques for the rest of us and we get to benefit from your design brain.

Yeah for some knitting. I hope you're feeling better.