Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey, Dollface!

Last weekend, after puppy-playing and yarn-dyeing, I popped into the Superstore to pick up a few things. It's one of the things I miss most since we moved. I used to be able to pop in on the way home from work - now it's too far out of my way, unless I'm on my way home from Mom's.

I went into to pick up a few grocery items they had on sale, but since they sell so much more than groceries, I always get lured over the the home and clothing sections. And right in the middle of the main aisle between the two.... they had a huge display of deeply discounted Monster High dolls.

I didn't really have the extra money to spend, but I did have $60 in points saved up.

I was only going to get one, but in the end, I just couldn't decide. So I came home with Twyla (daughter of the Bogey Man)
I was attracked to her for her colours (I'm thinking sock yarn here, people!). Unlike a lot of my other dolls, she seems to have an extra sweet face
She's got a bit of a Jacob Marley vibe going on with the chained belt around her dress
And her hourglass bracelet
But there's also a lot of spider detail about her - from her headband
To her spider-webby glass slippers
The other one I just had to bring home was Jinafire Long (daughter of the Chinese Dragon)
I don't know what it is - with her gold, scaled skin and crazy glasses, she just sort of had a Bond Girl vibe.
And check out her crazy, super-glued hair
I love her fan shaped purse and dragonesque shoes
And.... gotta love that tail!
This brings my collection up to 11 lovely ladies. Dave recently got rid of and old, broken stereo which sat on top of the shelf above the computer - making more room for the ladies.. and good thing too, because I just discovered they have a Lorna McNessie doll - and I need her!


Araignee said...

The fancy details on them is amazing. I would have loved those as a kid but all I ever got was a Barbie. I am so old that I had one of the red haired bubble cut ones that are worth a fortune today. She had evil cat eyes with blue eye shadow. I did think she was cool but never liked the Malibu look she took on permanently years later.

kathy b said...

Ohhhh Fine additions! Love the shoes in aqua !!!