Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I don't have any real knitting progress to show you, so I thought I'd sit back and take stock of my WIPs. Surprisingly,  I don't have a lot on the go right now - just four projects, and two of those are pretty much in hibernation. I usually average around six active projects, and have been known to have as many as 10 or 12.

First up is the lace tunic.
Sadly, this isn't a whole lot further along than the last time I showed you. I've added a repeat here and there, but I'm still five repeats short of being able to turn and pick up for the body. I'm hoping to rectify that tonight.

The Johnny socks are in the exact same place where I left off last...
I've been taking them to work, so I can do some knitting over my lunch, but... Monday I forgot to bring them downstairs to the cafeteria with me, and yesterday  I had a working lunch. Hopefully today I can add a round or two - just so I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

The hibernation projects are:

The owl mitts
Sadly, blocking did not make these big enough. The are still a wee bit snug on my hands, and I have small hands. The person for whom they were intended has normal-sized hands. It's just going to work.  I will eventually cast on for the second and finish them up - but they will end up in the Christmas box for someone else, so there's no pressing need to work on them right now

Then there's the Maple Leaf shawl
I have not touched this one in months. Half of me wants to frog it. The pattern is mostly written instructions, which while well-written and not hard, drives me batty. I much prefer charts. Also, it's not going to be a big shawl. I have lots of little shawls, and they rarely get any wear. I really prefer big shawls. But then I go and look at the other finished objects... and it's just so cool! I think I'm going to have to let this one marinate for a bit more before making a final decision.

How are your WIPs looking?


kathy b said...

Oh I'd have a hard time frogging that shawl beauty!
The mis fit mittens are a shame. They are a piece of art!

I have the feather and fan yellow scarf on needles.
I have to knit another lace koigu sock .
I also have my THIN ICE shawl and it is getting all my attention right now.
THe thing that makes me happiest to knit is always what I work on.
Oh an dI have that never ending sock yarn leftover blanket.

Araignee said...

Fair Isle is always hit or miss in the fit department. Gauge lies. I knit the same hat at least 4 times once and never got one right. I gave up.
My knitting is like yours. I've got the mojo back but little time to act upon it now that the weather is nice. Either Pup or The Mister has other plans for me...all day long. :(

Rachelle said...

Officially I have 4 at the moment as well. I'm working on Strokkur while waiting for the next Sock Madness to appear in my email. I'm on the second sleeve for that so not that far to go now. I've also got 2 colourwork socks that have been on hold for ages and really need work and the Evenstar shawl which is the next project I want to work on once Strokkur is finished. There might have been a pair of vanilla socks that accidentally fell onto the needles the other day, but they're travel knitting so don't count (they don't, do they?)

Chrisknits b said...

Why not make Maple Leaf a wall hanging? Love the owl mitts, too bad they won't work as intended.

Judy S. said...

I have way too many WIPs and always the best of intentions. Love all of yours, esp. the owl mitts.