Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hop on over

I hope you're all having a wonderful Easter. It's a quiet one for us - no outings planned. Yesterday I made a cheesecake and a lasagna big enough to feed us until Monday, so the rest of the weekend is about kicking around with the cats and not doing much of anything.
I finished up a new book, and managed to sneak a little knitting in here and there
I'm a little less than halfway through the bottom edge on the front of the lace tunic. It's only 25 stitches wide, so it feels like it should be growing a lot faster than it is. Alas it is not. But as I work away on it, I'm reminded how lucky we are to have found a supplier who has such amazing bases for us to work with.

I'm knitting this one in Twisted Slinky Cat. While it's only 20% silk (the other 80% is merino), it feels like a lot more. It's so soft and - well - slinky.  It takes the dye beautifully, has a wonderful sheen, fantastic drape (making it perfect for projects like this). It's an absolute pleasure to knit with.

There are a few skeins of it in the shop right now. (And I'm thinking I'll have to dye some more soon). As well as some other wonderful goodies
 So... if the Easter Bunny missed your house this year...
 Maybe it's time to hop on over to the shop
And get yourself your own sweet treat - and save 15% with the code EASTER15 - only until Monday


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect kind of Easter to me.

We did a few errands this morning and now it's quiet time. I'm on the 'puter. Giroux is laying across the back of my chair and DH is watching baseball! Just perfect!

Araignee said...


elns said...

I vouch for that slinky cat man. Good stuff. I like how that photo makes it seem your cats helped out with your reading, ha! The quiet Easter you described sounds absolutely lovely. I hope you guys enjoyed every minute of it, including the good eats!!