Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mail call

No Saturday sketches this week - I've been too busy with the Fox sock (tick tock, tick tock)

However, I was very excited when Dave messaged me at work to say some parcels arrived for me. I knew one would be my bulbs from Brecks (more on that in another post). But the other was a complete surprise.
A care package from the super sweet Araignee. It was filled with her beautiful handmade soaps (including a coveted Monkey Farts - which went right into the tub that night!)
But there was also a gorgeous hand made card (she makes the best cards!)
A bag of chewy caramels that I can't stop eating!!!
A little Milk & Honey lotion bar (also hand made by her). Not only is it beautiful - it smells divine. This went right in my purse for lotion on the go!
And a sweet little skein of Malabrigo Merino . A single ply (my fave) in beautiful shades of grassy greens (also my fave!). I think after the Fox socks are done (no... I'm STILL working on them (tick tock, tick tock) - I'm going to search out the perfect pattern for this yarn - it's just screaming to be knit right away! It's soooo soft!

Thank-you Araignee - this totally brightened my week!


Araignee said...

Woo made it all the way to Canada. Hugs!

kathy b said...

Deb's so generous and she makes amazing stationery and soaps! We are lucky to share blogs!