Thursday, July 21, 2016

Garden time!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Dave.

Now it's time to head back to the garden. We seem to be in a bit of an in-between stage. Several plants have stopped blooming, while others are just getting ready to pop.
The purple Liatris is just starting to open. I have some white Liatris too, but it's not showing any signs of blooming so far. I might have to wait until next year.
The Milkweed is taking its time too! But you can see that one little bloom is almost ready. I bet it all pops open in a day or two.
The Stonecrop in the tree garden is just starting to open up. I'm so glad I switched this garden over to all sedums this year. It has done beautifully (especially considering the lack of rain!). I'll do a full post on it in the days to come.
When I showed off my raspberries last garden post, Araignee mentioned that it's blackberry season in her neck of the woods. As you can see, our blackberry season is still a few week off, but the plant is absolutely covered in these soon-to-be-juicy guys!

Anything you're waiting on in your garden?


Araignee said...

The variety you have is incredible. I am waiting for a yellow squash that has my name on it. I hope the critters don't get it first.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers.

Florida gardening is a little different. We grow our flowers in the late winter, early spring. By this time of year MOST flowers are burning up in the heat.

I have a hanging basket of some fluffy red flower. It's hanging in there, but even IT is showing signs of heat stress.

kathy b said...

Hmmmmm the ZINNIAs are starting to bloom for the new owners. I have to cut some to enjoy and to encourage them to keep on coming on blooming