Saturday, July 9, 2016

How does your garden grow?

I thought I'd use this fine, sunny Saturday to answer a couple garden questions that have popped up.

Judy S. wanted to know what this flower was...
That is my "Red Fox" Speedwell. I picked it up on clearance this year and I really hope it survives the winter, because I love it.
This is it when I first brought it home. It's a tall spiky plant, and as it blooms, the flower heads start to look like little fluffy fox tails
And as you can see... the bees love it.
Kathy B. said: "I have the yellow/red paintflowers? too. Do you use Miracle Grow? Any feeder?"
Those are the Blanket flowers also picked up on clearance - and a fantastic buy too. The blooms are big (cone-flower size) and bright and cheerful.
And when the petals die off, you're left with the funky pom pom centre.

And to answer your question - no feeders, no miracle grow. I buy good (but inexpensive) black topsoil from the garden centre every year to top up all the gardens. Come fall, I'll buy up come mulch on clearance and put a thick layer over everything to give the roots some extra warmth and nutrition for winter.
Oriental Lily - also a clearance buy
This year, Dad gave me a giant bag of his home-grown compost (mostly made from leaves and grass clippings) which got mixed in to a few of the gardens. I do normally add coffee grounds, but so far this year, I've only done that for the butterfly bush. I was reading about epsom salts in the garden, but I haven't done it yet.

Cupid's Dart - clearance by from the first year of the garden. Growing well!
Other than that - it's just consistent watering. Unless we get a good rain (which we haven't had much of this year), I go out every night around seven or eight and give everyone a good drink.
Pear tomatoes getting ripe!

Have you got any garden secrets to share?


kathy b said...

Thanks for your answers! Your gardens and plants are just lovely.
I give my hanging baskets a good haircut after the 4th of july so they don't get leggy

Araignee said...

Those pear tomatoes look yummy!

Mary Lou said...

My grandmother had long rows of Blanket Flower along her sidewalk. She lived in the country and this spot never ever had shade. She told me they needed next to no water or any extras to survive. I have a few just in her memory, never do anything and they look just fine! Nice flowers you have, there.