Monday, February 20, 2017

Long weekend - no commute

It's a long weekend here in Canada (Family Day to day). And I have to say, it's been a splendiferous one! By Saturday at noon, the temperature had climbed to 13 degrees Celsius (55F), so I dragged Dave outside and together we got Stella all cleaned up and cleaned out and she's now on Kijiji so hopefully someone with more money and space than me will be interested in giving her a new lease on life.
While we were out there, I got a little early gardening done (more on that tomorrow).

Sunday was just as beautiful, so I went for a long walk (5km or 3mi) and got some stuff for a little sewing project (more on that later in the week)

Today... today I'm all about relaxing (mostly). But in the meantime, I thought I'd show you a little sock progress.
The first design is called Appleby and it's a simple lace/rib pattern that moves quite quickly. I won't be working on this again until Wednesday, but the train ride home should see me mostly through the foot.

And the ride is even nicer now that the days are a little longer. It's light enough that I can look out the window for the whole trip - and even snap a few pictures.
 Just a hint of a rainbow was showing last week (it was much brighter in real life). 
The back end of Hamilton Harbour was frozen over. I don't think it was very thick though, and there was lots of open water in the harbour proper. Of course, with the warm weather, even that ice is gone now.

These pictures were snapped quickly with my cell phone. I'm going to start taking my SLR along with me to see if I can get some better ones. There are lots of interesting sights along the tracks, and I think it would be cool to include some in the finished e-book.


Cat Lover said...

Beautiful sock! My grandmother knitted us pairs growing up and I do miss them. I wish I had kept a pair. You just don't realize that the days will come to an end and no more handmade socks!
My Mum and I would take the train a couple times a year from St Catharines to Toronto to go shopping and to the CNE. There is so much to look at from the train! Looking forward to your photos.
Have a relaxing day!

Vera said...

I love the sock!! I can't wait for your e-book. Our weekend was so Spring-like - at one point on Saturday we passed a bank time and temperature sign and the temp was 71!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to have a break from winter temps! The sock is delicious and you will want some good pics to go with your new sock pattern line!

Anonymous said...

Beatiful new sock pattern! :-)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Very pretty sock! Our temps have been mild here too. It's 72 degrees today. Sure feels like spring is here.

Araignee said...

This weather is just crazy but perfect for that beautiful spring sock thing you've got going on.

kathy b said...

The weather is just such a lovely welcome thing this week! I LOVE your sock. Love the color with the pattern. I also love your ebook photo ideas

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend.