Monday, February 6, 2017

Skater Girl

As mentioned yesterday, on the weekend Mom and I took a quick jaunt up to the Sound to see my brother's family.

Miss Rowan has taken up figure skating and Mom wanted to see her in action, so we drove up early to catch her practice.
It was just an hour of "review", as Rowan imperiously informed us.. but it was quite fun to watch.
They weren't doing anything fancy, but she's very sure on her skates, and it was still impressive to my inexperienced eyes.
I was a terrible skater at her age. And I gave up trying not long after.
I could barely wobble a few feet... I certainly couldn't jump!
Of course, in between the hard work, she still found time for silliness
After practice, we all headed back to their house to warm up and play with the kitties.
Zappa is just as handsome as ever. And Miss Poubelle-a is almost a year old now. She's grown into those big green eyes
And overgrown on the bottom end...
She's a long way from her life on the street!


Anonymous said...

Seeing Rowan doing her school figures brings back very happy memories of all my years on the skinny silver rail!!! Good luck to her!!!!!

Aren't "street kitties" just the best!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Love seeing photos of pampered kitties!! Miss Rowan looks like she's an impressive little skater. I loved skating when I was young but like you wasn't very good at it. I envy those who are and love watching all the figure skating on TV.

Bridget said...

I have never been ice skating in my life. My sisters skated, but would never take me along, and my parents had no interest in going with me. I do love seeing others skate, though.

Sweet kit kats!

Vera said...

Rowan looks so at home on the ice. I used to skate some as a kid, but was never very good. Those cats are adorable!!

kathy b said...

Im so happy to see a helmet on that girl!!

Delighted Hands said...

I wasn't graceful at that age either! What fun to see her in action!
The cats are adorable and a cat catch-up sure was a bonus!

Araignee said...

The 4 year old Grand took his first lessons this week and it wasn't pretty. That's the thing about ice, you either love it or not. Your little cutie looks like she's loving it. Yay for her!
Those kitties are beautiful. I gotta love Zappa. I was just thinking of his/her namesake the other night. The greats all left us way too soon.

Mereknits said...

Well done by the skater, I could never stay upright!

Rachelle said...

She looks like she's having fun, I love ice skating, but it's not something that's easy to do here. There is a rink, but it's the other side of town and not cheap.