Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sock magic

As mentioned yesterday... I've already got a new pair of socks on the needles...
...and the first one actually isn't far from being off the needles. Now... lest you think I conjured more than half a sock up over night... here's what really happened.

Sunday night, I was preparing my work bag for the next day. I went to put Nutkin in it, when I realized I was only one pattern repeat from the toe. I was going to be taking the train both ways on Monday (so a total of 5 hours commute time). That last repeat and toe just wasn't enough to keep me occupied.

Instead of hauling both Nutkin, and the materials for a new project, I decided to focus my commute on the new project, and finish Nutkin up when I got home that night.

So I went stash diving and came up with a ball of Online Supersocke 6. Valentines is fast approaching, and I'd like to have something small and heartfelt for my sweetie. It's a tight deadline, but with the amount of time I spend on the train, I think I can make it.

It helps that the yarn is sport weight too - combined with a slightly larger needle, it helps immensely with the progress you see there.

The yarn is a nice mix of brown, burgundy, purple and mauve. A little offbeat, but still slightly masculine.
I'm using the Pin Striped Socks pattern, first seen on Dee's blog a little while back. It's nice and simple, but still fun - perfect commuter knitting.

Now... the clock is ticking so I better get back to it!


Araignee said...

Past the heel already? You GO!!!!

Vera said...

I still say you are fast - lol. I do love the colors in your new sock. Very pretty (handsome). Both!!

Delighted Hands said...

This is a great sock! Nice to be well on your way to a new pair--you will make the deadline with no problem!

kathy b said...

Your love of your honey is so sweet. My fireman doesnt like knit socks :(
I think you made a great choice with Dee's pattern and your train time. You have truly embraced the non car thing. GOOD FOR YOU.

Cat Lover said...

Great looking sock! You certainly are a quick knitter.