Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring my A$$!

Well, as many of you know (or have read) Mother Nature has decided to be a bit of a b@$%& this week. Southern Ontario got hit with a nice round of snow today (which is expected to continue until tomorrow). Where I live didn't get hit too bad, it only started snowing here around 5 p.m. but it's still cold and yucky. Further north (and west, I believe) started getting it this morning.
So today was the perfect day for warm and toasty socks...(Courtesy of mom)

A nice home-cooked (I mean microwaved) meal....
(That's all the makings of Alpha-Ghetti sandwiches - YUM!)

And a snuggle with a good friend!If you're where it's snowing, I hope you're warm and have lots of knitting.
And if you're enjoying warmer weather... you suck.


Alisha said...

Oh love those socks!!

Hate the snow that is outside.....soon it will be done...soon!

Jeanne said...

Sorry that its still snowing - I hope spring comes to you very soon! Love the socks...great colors.

Jenn said...

The snow seems to be gone, not we have to get rid of this brisk coldness, then I will be truly happy. I was not happy waking up tos now yesterday!!!

Samantha said...

Cute socks! :) That food is gross tho. My kids don't even like zoodles. LOL