Thursday, April 16, 2009


Horseypie is done -- finito.... au revior!
I'm not sure why I dreaded finishing this one so much. It's not a complicated pattern, I just got really bored with it. (And the back legs really are designed badly)
I only made a few modifications. First in the way the legs are sew on. The pattern says to gather up the top after sewing and then attach, but that made it look like weird sausage legs. The other modification was an accident... I knit a few too many increase rows on the bum, so it's a little wider than it should be... but there's nothing wrong with a well padded behind.

After finishing up Horsey, I guess I wasn't quite finished yet because I knit another Elephant.
But now it's 1 a.m. and I really should get to bed.


Angelika said...

Aren't you glad the horse is done? I have projects like this that seem to take forever and then I wonder if I want to rip them out, because otherwise I'd be reminded of how much pain it was to make it, when I look at it.

Rhonda said...

They both look great. Congrats.