Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bunny hop

I've mentioned the neighbourhood bunbun that has appeared periodically, as well as the little baby bunny that was in my garden the other day.Well, now it's very obvious that there's definitely a warren very near by.

The smaller one to the left  is the one that I've seen around. She usually comes around at twilight, though I've seen her the odd morning too. The larger one is the one Dave has been claiming to see (or as he puts "The GIANT bunny" or "ENORMOUS rabbit" that's going to eat my garden if I don't get some chicken wire up STAT!.... city boys - they don't know what big bunnies are).

This is the first time I've ever seen them out together. They were pretty fun to watch. A neighbour down the way has a small dog who was yapping at them, so for while, they were booting at high-speed back and forth through the gully behind our yards.

Eventually they stopped to catch their breath and munch on some of the fallen seed from on of the neighbour's feeders. (Though he'd tossed some carrots and strawberries out for them too - I left them some lettuce.)

I particularly love how the flash made their eyes reflect red. ZOMBIE BUNNEHS!!!!


Araignee said...

They look like Bunnicula-the vampire bunny from the book series of the same name. My first graders loved that book.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I think Dave's attitude is better than Gavin's ... Gavin has been chopping up and leaving out baby carrots to fatten them up to a barbecue-able size :(

I presume he's not serious ... I hope.

Monika said...

Last year we had a nest with two babies, but despite my effort to keep the dogs away from them for ten days, they died (my dogs were not involved). So sad, we saw them struggle. We still have bunnies in our garden this year. They get chased every day. I don't understand why they don't go munching grass to the dog less neighbors! The other day, Happy was out back alone (under my supervision), when he encountered a bunny. He "chased" it, looking at me, like asking "what is THAT", is it for real? Hopping after it, while the bunny first ran in horror, then had to look back if Happy was still coming after him or not. Teehee, what a non chase that was. Denny and Maggie would have really gone for it though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you keep them full on scraps, they will stay out of your garden.


Nancy Kay said...

I'm such a sucker for watching bunnies. I get a giggle out of how cute they are. I had three that "hung out" on my small plot of grass this winter and ate pretty well. Unfortunately they relieved themselves there too and killed the grass in several large round spots. So, I'm trying to get grass to grow again in those spots this season. Your pictures are so cute... I do hope you protect your garden!!

lexa said...

Aww, cute!