Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The not-really-on-a-deadline project

When I said I had no more deadline knitting, I wasn't completely honest

The adorable Rowan-ator...
...turns five at the beginning of June. Five is a pretty special number, and clearly worthy of something handknit, if I can swing it.

I found the Sunny Cardigan on Ravelry a little while back, and knew it would be perfect for the little munchkin.
So, I pulled some Stray Cat from the shop (colour is Kaia .... more green... I know....) and got started this weekend. I'm making the shrug version (cropped with cap sleeves), so it's definitely possible to have it done for her birthday.

But I'm not going to push it either. If I don't get it done, it can go in the Christmas box, and she'll be just as happy with a new Barbie.

Stay tuned tomorrow.... Dee has dared me to bare my sock drawer.... this could get interesting!


Araignee said...

What a cutie! Kid knitting is the best-deadline or no deadline.

Anonymous said...

I dare ya!!!

The color on the new little shrug is beautiful.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely yarn ... lucky Rowan!

Zenitude said...

You go girl! She's going to love it.

Nancy Kay said...

What a cute little gal...and what a great sweater you are knitting for her! She's a lucky girl!! I am amazed at how fast you can whip up a lacy pattern...whew...wonderful!!

kathy b said...

OHhhh I want to see that sock drawer..

THat' s one lucky 5 year old if you ask me