Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adventures with Bunbun and more tales from the yard

Sorry for not posting the last couple of days - it's been one of those weekends. Friday night was hectic and yesterday was Miss Rowan's informal birthday party at grandma's house. Sadly, I forgot my camera at home, so you'll just have to take my word that it was fun.

The Garden Gate sock is to the toe, and there's a few more rows on Auburn wave, but not much to show by way of knitting.  After my chores are done today, I'm devoting my time to Lestrange.

But in the mean time  - here's what's been happening around the yard. My backyard is only about 25' x 25' - but a lot goes on in that small space.

Adventures with Bunbun

Yep - it's bunny season again. There are several of them, but I can't tell them apart, so they are all named bunbun.
He's so FLUFFY!!!!

This picture was taken through a crack in the fence. This particular bunbun is still a bit wary (some of them are bolder than others) and it was hard to get close to take a picture, so through the fence it was!
Wabbit season is open!
Rocky is absolutely convinced he's going to catch one this year. Since he's even fatter and slower than last year, I highly doubt it. But even cats need dreams.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Roses

I think I bought a mutant rose bush.

Remember the other day, when I said the rose bush had four buds on it already? Well I need to revise that count.. to about 15!!!!
Why are all the things I love so weird?
It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but not only does this centre bud have two buds shooting off the side (that's fairly normal from what I've read) there are actually TWO buds right on that centre stalk. And almost every stem with a bud is like this!

Do any rose growers out there know if this is normal? My understanding was one bud per stem on Tea Roses... Now I wouldn't be surprised if that's not normal, and I really do have a mutant rose bush - I tend to collect the "special" things (and not on purpose) - just look at my cats and the man I live with...


Last weekend, when I bought the few extra bedding plants, I was very careful to buy ones that matched my pink and white theme. The snap dragons were mixed packs, so the ones that were off-theme (red and peach) went in the bee garden.

But I thought was okay with the Portulaca. The ones that had bloomed were all pink and the buds seemed pinkish too... but as I was backing out of the driveway yesterday, I noticed something odd...
Ones of these things is not like the others...
There's an orange one starting to bloom too... they are going to have to be moved to the bee garden!


kathy b said...

I love that you are theme colored !! I like when my garden is too. I let all the buds bloom that grow…No matter where they are on the rose bushes.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Good luck Rocky! I saw a TVO special that showed that cats really do dream of hunting mice and things. Apparently there's a part of the brain that switches off the putting of thoughts into action - when they disable it the cats legs move as if they're running and so on. Weird, huh?

Araignee said...

We've got some bun buns ourselves this year and I'm having to dodge them with the car. They like to run right out and front of you. I swear they are just waiting for me to drive by.

RobinH said...

Yeah, you got to watch that portulaca every's rebellious!

Hopefully even the young rabbits are faster than Rocky- we had one summer when I was a kid when our cat brought home about 6 baby rabbits. (My mom rescued the live ones and took them some distance away to release them.)

Nancy Kay said...

Love the adventures with the bunbun.