Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sir Talks-a-lot

You all know Rocky
Rocky is the baby of the family (that’s not saying much – he’s eight years old now and easily outweighs the other two). 

Rocky is a talker...
He screams when he wants to go outside, he yells at us when it’s bed time and we aren’t getting under the covers, and he loves to stand in the stairwell and yodel (I think he likes the echo).

But something strange happened when I went to Chicago.
About halfway through the trip, Dave and I were Skyping one night before bed. I, of course, enquired about the cats. He informed me that they were fine (Tux was watching Harry Potter – probably the Prisoner from Azkaban…), but that Rocky was always yelling at him.

I assumed that it was because Dave hadn’t been taking him outside after work (Dave gets home quite late, but that doesn’t factor into to Rocky’s calculations – he just wants OUT!!!)
But now I’m starting to wonder. When I got home from Chicago, Tux got sucky, Peno snubbed me and Rocky – Rocky hasn’t shut up.

He announces himself when he enters a room. He announces when he’s leaving. He’s always been my bath-time lifeguard, but now he chatters through the entire bath.  I’ve recently taken up a workout regimen – Rocky likes to supervise that too – but now it’s punctuated by frequent bouts of “Merp”, “Mrow!”, and “Mroooooooooow!!!!”  

He’s just constantly squawking at me – I’m not sure if it’s just to make sure I’m still there, or if he’s really just got something to say…. Maybe I should get him a parrot friend.


Chrisknits said...

Our daughter hardly said a word until she turned 18 months. And then she never shut up! LOL. Maybe Rocky is finally finding his full voice?

Araignee said...

My only male cat, Herbie, is like that. He whines and yowls all day long. He can have a full bowl of food and still sit there and moan over it until I add just one more piece. We do have a parrot and it doesn't help. They just talk to each other.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ....will you look at that floofy belly!!!! I never realized how big Rocky is.

Still a handsome boy! I LOVE the coloring on his face.

Rachelle said...

Star is a bit of a talker too, probably not to that extent, but she doesn't like being ignored!

Nancy Kay said...

Rocky sure is handsome. Funny that he is suddenly talking about everything! Like some people, maybe he just likes to hear himself talk! Or are you humans not listening to all the directions he's giving you??

lexa said...

Geez, I'd hate to see him and Pumba together. We'd have to leave them and go somewhere, lol. He's yowling at me right now, it's getting that time to eat and get needled. But he talks ALL THE TIME. He's especially fond of sitting by my bed at 2:30am and meowing until I pick him up and put him on the bed. Then he leaves after a five minute cuddle and does it all again an hour later, lol. Some nights I just have to lock him out, but I feel bad when I do that.