Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coming up roses (a knitting post... honest!)

You might not think it, but I have been knitting.

I realized the other day that, since I cast off the Garden Gate socks (June 1), I had no socks on the needles. I'd caked up my Vanellope yarn before Chicago, but I never got a chance to cast on. So I rectified that little situation on the weekend
 Just a simple three-one rib - a nice contrast to the other thing I've cast on for...
A brand new shawl design. It took a few false starts, but I've finally got it going the way I want it to. The shaping is based on the shaping in Auburn Wave.
It's hard to see, but there are little beads winking about in there. They are almost the same shade as the peachy tone of the yarn, but they will show a lot better on blocking. I wanted to use some gold beads for a little more contrast, but I'm trying to use up stuff  in the stash and I didn't have quite enough, so peach it was.

This pattern is going to be part of an e-book project I'm working on - I'll share details at a later date,  but I'm using Solo Cat and the colour is Gilded Rose. 

And speaking of roses
The pink ones are even more magnificent in full bloom. And the white ones have gone crazy
That's five blooms on one stem with more buds ready to burst open. Here's a full view of the two bushes - I can't wait to see what they are going to do next year when they are more established!
And you may notice something small at the bottom of that photo
It's a half-dead mini rose from Dad's garden that I'm trying to save. I'm not holding out much hope - I killed the mini rose I bought last year  - but we'll see what happens.

And to those who were amazed that the cats don't chase the rabbits.... well Tux and Peno could care less. But Rocky.... Rocky does chase them. But only after a good long while spent crouched in pounce position, wiggling his butt. And the second he moves that bunny is gone.


Araignee said...

Love those socks. I don't have a pair on the needles right now and I am starting to cave in to the temptation even though I promised myself to clean up all these UFOs first.
The shawl is spectacular. I can't wait to see it finished-no rush intended!

Rachelle said...

Liking the new knitting and the roses. I'm trying to finish some of my current items before casting on something else, but I suspect that something new might sneak onto the needles shortly.
I've got 3 pairs of socks on the needles, 1 cowl (handspun with beads) and a jersey that's been waiting for attention for a while now.

Anonymous said...

But, ONE DAY, he's gonna catch that silly wabbit!!!! ;-)

The roses are lovely. I've never had much luck with minis either.

Love the socks --- I think Steve would like that 3x1 rib. Think I'll try that pattern this summer.

Nancy Kay said...

I LOVE the turquoise and purple combo in the socks!!

And the peach shawl - wonderful pattern you are creating; I'm anxious to see that all blocked out, as I know the beads will show up and add that little extra bling. Really pretty colorway!

The roses...oh the roses!! I know you are enjoying them so much!!

I watched by cat Lucy (years ago) do just what Rocky does...crouch, wiggle, and chase - all to no avail. Fun to observe!!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Your Vanellope looks to be knitting up nicely too! Ribbed socks are always so perfect in stripes!

elns said...

Such gorgeous colors in your knits and your garden. I love the socks and that color way in Solocat is really beautiful. You bead knitters are so ambitious, it kills me. The picture of the pink rose is really lovely, it goes great with your blog background.