Friday, June 27, 2014

The bees are going to love me

Some days, you just can't walk by a sale sign. Today was one of those days. I was popping into the grocery store when I noticed that their garden centre was closing up for the season. Outside was a big sign that said "Up to 50% off." I thought... "Hey, they may have some rose bushes on, or if I'm really lucky, a lilac or a butterfly bush." So I moseyed on in for a looksie.
 Umm.... oops.....

Yeah, so no roses or lilacs but... all the small perennials (normally $3) were on for 50 cents each. And the larger perennials (normally $7) were on for $1. That group of plants would have cost me over $100 at the start of the season... today it cost me $13! That less than I spent on the seeds and soil this spring!

In that pile there is Hens and Chicks, Forget-Me-Nots, Creeping Mazus, Pink Creeping Baby's Breath, Pink Fairy Baby's Breath, Cupid's Dary, Bachelor Buttons, Yellow Stone Blue-eyed Grass, Armeria in White and Pink, Alpine Aster, Mexican Hat, Bleeding Heart, Coreopsis, and one unknow flower that looks a little like a marigold.

Most of it went in the bee garden out back
It's pretty full now - I hope the bees like it! It was a little tricky fitting everything in (okay - I may have bought too much) especially because I had to work around some of the seedlings that I haven't completely given up on yet.

Not all of the plants I purchased today are blooming yet, but the Mexican Hat is
Mexican Hat is actually a plant that's native to Ontario. They had quite a few native plants available. It makes me wish I had a little more room - I'd totally be going back for some Trillium and Jack-in-the-pulpit.
 This is the creeping pink Baby's Breath - a nice delicate flower. Same with the creeping Mazus
Its blooms are about half the size of my pinky finger - but so pretty.

When I moved out front to plant the last of the plants (the ones that needed a little less sun) Rocky came with me
But he doesn't look too thrilled about the whole situation. He prefers the backyard.

Anyway, I planted the Forget-Me-Not, Coreopsis, and Bleeding Heart in the Lily garden
Coreopsis on the left, Forget-me-nots in the middle and Bleeding Heart on the right - though you can't really see it because of the darn Lilies.
The Coreopsis is going to be gorgeous when it's covered in these pretty yellow blooms.
The Forget-Me-Nots are so dainty by comparison.

Oh - and remember the white Alyssum I planted there last year that was suppose to be an annual?
Apparently it wasn't - it's coming up all long the border of the garden. It will mix nicely with the Forget-Me-Nots though, so I can't complain.

Over in the tree garden is where I put the Hens and Chicks
I love Hens and Chicks. We had them all over the place when I was growing up - but I was surprised at how expensive they were this spring. I couldn't pass them up at only 50 cents.

And you can see my English Daisies and Black Clover is doing nicely after it's rough start. All three of these plants should come back next year.
And the Moon Flower seeds I planted have sprouted and are really starting to pick up - with any luck, they will start growing up the trunk of the tree soon!

Okay - I think I'm officially done planting... at least until fall. I've got tulip bulbs to plant... and I have to keep my eye out for some irises...


Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with Hens and Chicks.

You are going to have quite the colorful garden this summer.

Araignee said...

I can't wait to see it all in a few months. It's going to be amazing!

kathy b said...

Hooray for a great deal. And rescuing green things! I love hens and chicks but cannot grow them for some reason.
mexican Hat is great….must plant some for my Mexico loving son, zach

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That's a ton of plants! Sounds like you got a great deal. It also sounds like you have a lot more shade than I do. Few of those varieties would survive in my sun-baked garden. I'd be adding Columbines if I had enough shade :) And trilliums and Jack in the Pulpit ...

lexa said...

That's quite the bargain!

Rachelle said...

Sounds like you'll have a colourful garden which is always fun!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I adore your garden. What a great deal you found. Love your little flower manicure too!