Thursday, July 31, 2014

Getting back in the groove

After the slog of the last stretch of Lestrange, I 'm just not really feeling to love for my knitting - I think I just burned myself out a little - I'm hoping the feeling wears off soon.

I've started Watershed (and it's going nicely - I got the bottom band done and I've started on the body) and I'm back to my Vannellope socks.
Just a couple more stripes to go and I'll be finishing them up... and there's nothing like closing a sock toe to get your knitting mojo going, right?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ....the closer to the toe, the faster you'll knit. LOL

That is such a great color scheme. Are they for you?

RobinH said...

Absolutely! After all, once the end is in sight, you're so much more motivated to actually finish!

Rachelle said...

I find the second sock tends to be faster than the first too; I think it's the same as the horse going faster the closer he gets to his stable.

kathy b said...

Yup NOTHING Like closing a toe!!!

You will get it back. I want some tomatoes thanks