Friday, July 11, 2014

More goings on in the garden

Until there's something more exciting happening in knit land - you're stuck with green and growing things

1) Jalapenos!
Only one of the plants hasn't pushed out some pepperlings, so I'm cautiosly optimistic about a decent pepper crop.

2) Something's wild

Though the tomatoes aren't quite up to speed with last year (not a bad thing, I don't really need THAT many tomatoes) the strawberries are doing way better. All the plants have flowered and there's berries just weeks away from being eaten. And something else has popped up beside one of the plants
Aside from being smaller, and not as glossy, it looks suspiciously like a strawberry plant - wild strawberries perhaps? I've decide to let it grow and see what it does.

3) The most boring sunflowers EVER!

I'm starting to thing I got a bum pack of sunflowers. It purported to be a mixed pack, proudly displaying red ones, large ones, small ones.

But all I've gotten are two mini ones (who don't even push out whole petals and don't have the decency to be red!) and three wild ones
This is the latest wild one - now don't get me wrong, it's pretty and all. But it just doesn't have to wow fact of a traditonal sunflower... it's only about three feet tall, and well... it's just not that showy...

There's one sunflower left that has yet to bloom and it seems to be growing taller with no sign of a head yet - I live in hope...

4) Rascals
Yeah  - if the garden isn't Rocky-proof - it's definitely not bunny proof!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'll be curious to hear how the jalapeƱos work out. Trying to grow strawberries just frustrates me - I don't have the acreage to get a couple pints a day which is the least I'd settle for!

kathy b said...

awww Rocky is soooo pretty> Keep your garden growing!!!

elns said...

I'm in love with Rocky. Not a picture I see, where I don't feel some urge to hug your cat. Sorry if that's weird. Lovely garden photos. I heard deer eat peppers, do bunnies?

Araignee said...

I had the same thing happen to me one year with the sunflowers. I expected those monster things and got flowers that looked more like daisies. I did get the monsters last year but they were a pain and a real mess. The squirrels would not let them be. They bent them down and chewed them up and left bits and pieces everywhere all summer.

lexa said...

I've got lots of flowers on my green and yellow beans. No signs of anything on the tomatoes yet. One plant got half flattened by a fallen limb in Arthur last weekend. Looks like one of my zucchini plants might be getting a flower. Fingers crossed! I usually don't get many zucchinis, maybe three or four if I'm lucky. I planted them in a different spot this year, so I'm hoping for better luck.

Delusional Knitter said...

That's too bad about the sunflowers, maybe next year (not sure if they come back - but I have a lot of things that are not supposed to and they seed). Rocky is wild and prowling through the jungle there.

RobinH said...

Your wild plant is either a wild strawberry or one of those really annoying plants that look *just* like a wild strawberry but has yellow flowers instead of white and doesn't produce fruit. Time will tell!