Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Garden Check-in

One of the Jalapeno plants has flowers - peppers can't be far behind!
Two of the strawberry plants are blooming, and one already has itty bitty berries. (These plants are much more robust than last year's!)
While the pink Rose bush is still sending up blooms, the white one is spent (it did kinda go crazy all at once). But it's sending up new shoots, so I bet some new buds are just around the corner.
One of the two Sweet Peas has died off, but the remaining one has sent up a second vine - and it looks way healthier than anything else seen in the Sweet Pea department so far.
 One of the Pink Creeping Baby's Breath turned out to be white. But I'm fine with that.
Cupid's Dart is a funny little plant and its buds feel like straw - I like it! Apparently these will open into a daisy-like flower - but they sure are taking their time
Of all the perrenials I bought, the Mexican Hat is doing the best. But I need give it some help standing up straight - it keeps falling through the fence. But it's sent up several new blooms.
Elsewhere  - the tomatoes are doing great - I expect a first harvest in a few weeks.

I suspect the unknown plant I bought is another Coreopsis (though dark burgundy instead of yellow) and I think I'm going to have to move it to the lily garden because it seems to be getting too much sun in the bee garden.

There are a few other seedlings surviving, if not quite thriving. I'm pretty sure there's some poppies and columbine trying to gain some traction - at the rate they are going, I may see blooms by September!


elns said...

I love the garden check-in. I love seeing how it's coming since I remember when you were just getting started. You have so many interesting things growing. :)

Araignee said...

I had so many jalapenos last year I made jelly with them and it was delicious. My homemade salsa was also good once the tomatoes got going. Gee.....I miss my garden!

kathy b said...

lookin god. ALl the rain here has kept things green and lush. Im just harvesting chives and flowers.

Anonymous said...

You have such a colorful variety!

Our peppers are doing great this year. We have chocolate Ghost, White habanero, and Maruga Scorpion. The scorpion is the only one that doesn't have peppers, but it is starting to put out flowers. So, peppers are on their way.

lexa said...

I've got a bunch of different flowers that can't hold themselves up, lol. Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow -- we've got Arthur set to hit us. Environment Canada has a tropical storm warning issued for us. Lots of wind and rain.