Monday, July 21, 2014

Not so annual

When I was up at Mom's yesterday were we laughing about the pansies that keep coming up in  Dad's garden randomly. They were annuals that were planted several years ago - and every year one or two pops up.

I've had this happen with Allysum that's suppose to be an annual - infact, I have some in my lily garden that was planted last year.
It's just starting to bloom.

But after getting home from Mom's, I was checking on the front tree garden and...
The tree garden this year was suppose to be be all pink and white... I didn't plant anything purple. 
But I did last year - and it was almost all purple pansies... so much for my colour scheme.

Meanwhile out back...
I'm 90% sure I have a "real" sunflower! If so it's still got a few feet to grow before it blooms.
The Cupid's Dart has finally bloomed completely - and there are lots more buds coming. I really like this one!
The old bird feeder rotted out and it's taken me a few weeks to get a new one. Mr. Cardinal has been coming down on the fence every night and yelling at the house. He's a happy little bird again.
The first edible tomatoes! Dave will probably gobble these up right away, but a few sunny days and we'll have lots more!
Soon my beauties.... soon...


kathy b said...

I love your self seeded successes

Araignee said...

Fresh picked tomatoes still warm from the sun....heaven!

Anonymous said...

Cupid's Dart is gorgeous! I sense some strawberry shortcake in your future?