Friday, December 12, 2014

A tale of two scarves

It seems like I'm not quite done knitting Christmas presents....

Dave normally leaves the majority of the shopping/present making to me. It's a good arrangement for us. He hates doing it and I actually enjoy it... and it allows me to keep a better reign on the budget. He might be a little Grinchy about the whole season in general... but no one could ever accuse him of being a Scrooge when it comes time to buy things.

But this year, he said he really wanted to take care of gifts for his Mom and Grandma.... so I left him to it (and took it as a sign that he might be getting a little Christmas spirit back).

So a few weeks have gone by and it turns out, Grandma is taken care of, but he's stumped for his Mom. And admittedly, she's a tough one to gift for.  We sat and threw back ideas for about an hour the other night. Anything she would like/could use, is well out of our budget. And I'm loathe to buy people little gifts that just waste space or gifts without meaning.

So now she's getting a scarf.
 A new design that I'll put up as a free pattern as soon as I'm done. It's a simple one row pattern, and though you can't see it, there s a small bit of lace in there. It will show up nicely once blocked.

I'm using some handspun that Mom gave me. She got it from another Raveler and it's a lovely blend of merino and silk dyed by Twisted Fiber Arts. It will be nice and warm for Dave's Mom, who doesn't drive and takes transit every where.

But this scarf makes it much more unlikely that Dave will get his by Christmas
I've put another three inches or so on it, but that's about it. Oh well, it's still cold and snowy in February!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed and he'll appreciate the beautiful scarf even MORE, if he spends some time outside without it!!!

His Mom's scarf is going to be beautiful.

kathy b said...

I love gold and blues. My mom did her entire living room in blue and gold in the 70s. I hated it then, I love it now

Araignee said...

Pretty colorway on that handspun scarf. I can't wait to see it blocked.

Rachelle said...

Rainbows! Will be nice when it's finished and even without obvious lace it looks good