Monday, December 22, 2014

All wrapped up

As much as I wanted to do nothing but knit this weekend, there were a few things that needed to be attended to. One of which was the wrapping.

Tux and Peno could care less about all that crunchy paper.. but Rocky...
"Oh.... did you need this?"
...Rocky had other ideas entirely. After much "shoo"ing and some shredded wrap, I managed to get a few presents done... but it didn't take long before he was back.
"What? I'm not touching your paper. And these boxers definitely need more cat hair..."
We finally came to a detente after I gave him a piece of wrapping paper to call his own.
"Now was that so hard?"
And now we are almost ready for Christmas
Just some mince tarts and sausage rolls left on the to-do list. How is your Christmas shaping up?


RobinH said...

Heh. Went to NYC this weekend. Plus- got a whack of knitting done on the last A-list knitted thing on the list. Other plus, shopping largely complete. Minus- no baking done yet at all, and I'm working M-W and Friday. My plan is to do what is practical, and not worry about the rest. (It's defining 'practical' that always gets me in trouble.)

Bridget said...

At least you only have one kitty to deal with - all three of ours are interested, plus the 80 pound dog who wants to sit on my lap while I wrap gifts!

Have a wonderful Christmas, all of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh .... I do LOVE your kitties. LOL

As for Christmas --- ready to GO!

Sue said...

There is always one kitty who loves the wrapping paper. Hope you and your family have a very wonderful Christmas!

kathy b said...

Shaping up real good!!! One gift left to wrap.
Saw out of town friends today.
Mass tomorrow that I COUNT as Christmas. I can't stand the crowds.
Then relatives on the EVE

It is great to have my kids home in the house again.
even if AL has the FLU

elns said...

I love your Rocky in the way that I imagine he's a like hugging a real life furry marshmallow and he is just so photogenic.

The holidays and I are having a rough patch right now. There is light at the end of the tunnel and knitting and perhaps a lot of baked goods and wine ...

Chrisknits said...

All the knitting is done. Still need to get a few more gifts, gift cards, and some stocking stuffers. Now I am just catching up on knitting that needs to be done, but not for gifts.

kathy b said...


I modified GOING MY WAY for a baby blanket.
cast on 110 stitches and am using up my leftover sock yarns. I LOVE this easy one row repeat THANK YOU

Araignee said...

Too funny. Look at that expression of pure defiance. He's one determined kitty.
My kitties are terrified of anything that makes a noise so paper is safe. Yarn not so much.

I'm totally ready to be on the other side of Christmas. I've got projects I'm dying to get back to. I need some normal.