Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fruits of the vine

Thing are ripening nicely here in the gardens of Wandering Cat. We are at the point where I'm getting a handful of cherry tomatoes every day. And the mystery tomatoes have started to ripen
The closest thing I've found to match it online is the Thai Pink Egg tomato - so that's what I'm saying it is.

The first raspberry ripened
And was promptly eaten. I won't get a tonne of raspberries with this being the first year, but I'm definitely in for a nice nibble every so often

The blackberries are well on their way
I expect it will be a week or so more for them.

I continue to get a steady stream of strawberries from the new plants
Though they are about the size of the raspberries. But I get two or three every day.

I don't seem to be having too many pest problems... I guess the neighbourhood watch program is working


Araignee said...

Hahaha.....your guard kitty is too funny!

WildflowerWool said...

Lol, between the cat and the gnome, the bugs don't have a chance! I just ate the first tomato from my garden. Your plants are doing great this year!

Anonymous said...

YUM ......blackberries, raspberries and strawberries -----------------you got FRUIT SALAD!!!!! :-)

Glad Tux is keeping a good eye on things.

kathy b said...

Ah Tux is on alert. Good boy. I give my cats cantaloupe and they love it. Not sure if they should eat berries

Judy S. said...

When I was growing up, our cats would go after any unguarded cut cantaloupe. Don't know why. You are so lucky to grow tomatoes. It's usually hard here, but this year would have been the one to do it as it's been unusually hot and dry. Love all the fruit except blackberries; they grow wild here and tend to choke out everything else. The vines sometimes are an inch thick and have the meanest thorns, too!

elns said...

Neighborhood watch program, you're killing me. Tux looks tough stuff out there, though! hehe.