Saturday, August 1, 2015

Well... I have always wanted a dragon

Still no knitting... (tomorrow, I promise...) but as I was sitting in the garden knitting, I spied something really cool land on the Black-eyed Susans.
I grabbed the camera and moved in slowly, taking a closer picture with each step
But he didn't move. I could see his head swivel every so often... but he just sat there as I snapped away
I called for Dave to come take a look, but he couldn't hear me... so I thought I'd give something crazy a try. I reached out and brushed his wing gently, but he still didn't move. So I moved my hand in, placed my thumb by his front legs and....
He just climbed right on. I couldn't believe it. I moved slowly toward the house (snapping pics the whole way)  fully expecting him to fly away at any moment
But he just hitched a ride, all the way to the back door where I could get Dave's attention
Such a beautiful thing! After showing Dave, I turned to take him back to the garden, and he finally flew off. I hope he comes back again soon!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Looks like you've dragon-bonded! Did you read the Anne Macaffrey novels?

Anonymous said...

Aren't their wings amazing????

Great pictures.

Nancy Kay said...

That's quite the story in words and pictures! What a friendly little "dragon"!