Saturday, August 22, 2015

Half a Mermicorn

Thank you for all your suggestions on how to get Peno to love her scratcher - I'm going to give them a try and let you know how it all turns out. (right now, she's making sad faces at Dave who's ignoring her for the computer)

While Peno's been sulking, I've been knitting. I've got half a sleeve done on April, and the leg done on Man Sock (more on those in the days to come). I've also finished up the first Undine sock.
I'll probably cast on for the second one this weekend. How are yours coming?

Oh - and I've ordered some fun fabric for the Winner's Kitten Kaboodle
with a matching green print for the inside.  As soon as it arrives, I'll get sewing... and maybe dye some yarn to match!


Lorraine said...

Cute fabric.

I have been lamenting the lack of good fabric shops, that sell good quality at a good price. Fabricland is handy, but I almost never buy fabric unless a good linen is on sale.
At the current rate of exchange, I am not buying from the US either. Why do they think Canadians aren't deserving of good quality/prices/selection?

Samantha said...

The sock looks great! I like the mermaids. :)

Nancy Kay said...

The sock looks great! And the material you found is so darned cute!!

Araignee said...

Your Mermicorn is lovely! So is that fabric. Now you've got me wanting to go make project bags to match my projects.

Anonymous said...

Your Undine looks great. Mine is about half way down the foot. It should go quickly. I'm doing the foot in stockinette.

kathy b said...

I just finished winding some fun yarn for socks, but I had to keep Fezzik from interfering with my yarn!

RobinH said...

My Undines are moving right along...well, if getting out the ball winder to wind off the skein counts!