Sunday, April 2, 2017

FO: Hamilton

The Hamilton socks are complete:
The Hamilton pattern is a special one to me. Hamilton is my hometown. I was born here and have lived in or near the city for pretty much my entire life. The city has a bit of a bad rep... it's a blue collar steel town... and like most steel towns, it's seen better days.
That's the main view most people get as they whizz by along the main highway (going either to flashy Toronto, or to the lush wine country of Niagara). It's not a great first impression. But by flying by, people miss our thriving arts scene, historic buildings, and parks galore and so much more.
To me, Hamilton is a diamond in the rough.  So that's how I designed the Hamilton sock... columns of beatuful diamonds amidst the girders (garter rib) of the industry, blood, sweat and tears that built it.
This pair is a shorty pair (and I'm happy to say - I had JUST enough yarn), but it can be easily lengthened. And I will be adding a men's version of this one - so you'll see it again in longer glory... just not yet.


Cat Lover said...

The Hamilton socks are great Valerie! I was born and raised in St Catharines so have spent time in Hamilton over the years. Chuck's Dad worked at Stelco for a time too.
Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute little socks ... adding them to my queue! Did you know that I'm a hometown Hamilton girl too? Born at Hamilton General and raised in the Westdale neighbourhood :)

Anonymous said...

Great tribute to your town.

I love living in the city .....we too have a thriving arts community, but plenty of grit as well. This is a port city and a little scruffy at the edges. It makes me love it all the more. I love trains and firetrucks and old industrial buildings and I certainly get my fill of those here.

kathy b said...

Oh I love the patterns. So pretty. Love your reflection pool photo also

Samantha said...

Great socks! I love Hamilton too.

Vera said...

Beautiful socks and a wonderful tribute to your home town!

Araignee said...

Love the socks! Thanks for the tour of your hometown. I've spent a lot of time driving around Canada but never quite made it in that direction. Not yet anyway.

Delighted Hands said...

Fantastic job on these socks and the history of the town they honor.
Glad you had enough yarn for this pair!