Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Raspberry delight

As the weather channel promised, the weekend was warm and wonderful. Sunday in particular. So I took some time to get out and clean things up a bit, and give all my little green bits a little more room to grow.

I also noticed the raspberries were starting to leaf up.
Last year, I left their trimming too late, and it was hard to get in and prune, not to mention pull up the new sprouts.
And as you can see, there were also a lot of floppy branches - and last year that meant a lot of berries on the ground and canes in the way of lawn maintenance.

So this year I invested in a couple of trellises, and after a little hair cut, all the canes got tied up nice and tidy.
Soon it will all be nice and lush and green... and well on its way to berry season!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm...fresh berries!

We are definitely feeling spring today ..........April SHOWERS! I've been up since about 5 AM due to extremely loud thunder storms. The lightning has been non-stop! They say we have several more hours of this to go.

Araignee said...

All this berry talk on the blogs is making me hungry this morning. I need some toast and jam!

Vera said...

I do love raspberries. My Dad had a big patch of them at the back of our yard when I was growing up. We always timed vacations around berry harvesting so we could be sure to be home - lol. My oldest brother prefers black raspberries, but I love the red ones. Great idea on the trellis.

kathy b said...

Trellis terrrifico~~!!! I only have 3 shoots in my winter sow still........Im not near as far along as yours are. I keep peeking. Hoping. Things are greening up here but we need some sun. Perhaps over the weekend . THey are predicting 60-70 and sun. Until then we have rain rain rain and perhaps even....snow for a day. I need a raspberry treat now!

Delighted Hands said...

I love the neatness you achieved! You will be so glad this summer when you get to eat those berries!

Cat Lover said...

Your raspberries look so neat and tidy. Growing up we too had a large patch at the bottom of our yard. I happily would pick a big bowl full as then I received the largest share!
Have a good day, stay dry!

Jocelyn said...

Yum!! Can't wait to see the bounty all that hard work is going to produce :)