Sunday, April 9, 2017

Leaps and bounds!

There will be knitting to show soon... I promise!

But this time of year is just so exciting... I can't help it. A week or so of mild weather (even if it was pretty rainy), and the gardens just grow by leaps and bounds. These pics are actually a couple days old, so it's even greener out there.

The growth of my grab bag lilies had surprised me the most. They get a lot of sun and have really taken off.
There are four kinds - Asiatic, Trumpet, Tiger and Oriental....
 And it looks like all of them have spread too... which is wonderful... though I'm probably going to have to do some rearranging.
 Seriously... I'm going to have lilies EVERYWHERE!
The White Delphinium gets the most sun, so it's growing the fastest - though the blue and pinks are still doing well.
The Bleeding Heart is looking great too. If I remember correctly, this is a pink/white variety. I think I'd like to add a solid white one this year.
The bachelor buttons are really greening up. They were bought as a clearance plant the first year I was here (I paid 50 cents!) and they are just spectacular. By June they take over their corner of the garden.
 What I thought was Echinacea at first was just a weed. But it's ok... now the Echinacea is coming up for reals!
The side garden doesn't get as much sun, so life these is a little slower. But the purple irises Mom gave me three years ago are doing great (and spreading) and the Speedwell survived its first winter!
The raspberries enjoyed their hair cut. They've leafed up so much I can see the green from the back door now. Definitely glad I got to them early.
And the lilac is showing a nice contrast of bright green against the drab grey fence. I really hope moving the bird feeder last year means I'll get more blooms this year - because this lilacs flowers are amazing!!!


Araignee said...

Big changes! I love tiger lillies. My grandmother had some and they fascinated me as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Lilac is MY favorite. Sadly, they do not grow down here.

Cat Lover said...

Your garden looks great! This is our first Spring in this home so I am seeing what was planted here up for the first time. Everything I planted last Fall seems to be coming up.
Can't wait to see all your lillies blooming.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so excited for you-you will enjoy your garden so much knowing how it all woke up through the Spring like this!