Thursday, April 13, 2017

Garden Hits and Misses


It's amazing what a little warmth can do!
 This mystery poppy appeared in the Little Bee garden. I think this is a long lost champagne bubbles poppy. A couple years ago I moved it from the Big Bee garden to the Little Bee garden where it could get some sun. But it never came back. But suddenly, I've got a poppy there - and I didn't plant any last year!
The red Columbine already has buds. This one was bought on a whim last year, and I'm so glad I did. It's really robust.
The Lilac is putting up flower spikes. And unlike last year, when I only got one, this year promised to be a bumper crop of blooms. I count 22 of these little guys - multiple on every branch!

 All the Delphiniums are doing well - but the white one is really showing off.
 The raspberries get greener every day!
 I thought I'd lost the lavender... but it's finally showing little bits of green.
 I was going to wait until May to thin the Bee Balm, but it was going crazy, so I had to pull it sooner. This batch will be going up to Dad's. He likes maintenance free flowers!
 I've always been told that Bleeding Heart prefers shade to part sun... the one I planted in shade never survived. This one is in full sun and it grows like a weed!
This Pasque Flower was a clearance buy last year.  I didn't think it would make it, but it's getting really green now. It's suppose to bloom around Easter, but I assume that's in warmer climes. I expect to see flowers around May.
The Sweet William was another clearance buy, and I'm so glad I grabbed it. My grandma always had Sweet William in her garden. This one is a really deep blackish red - it's so pretty!
I thought I'd lost the Crimson Glory Rose... but there's a little sprout right at the bottom. Hopefully it's enough for the bush to pull through.
The lilies have gone absolutely wild! I planted five bulbs here last year, and I count about 12 plants coming up now. I'm going to have to split them and move them around - but I'll wait until fall. It's going to be quite the show on this end of the garden!


Because not everything goes perfectly in nature.... Here's a look at the things that aren't coming back

Butterfly Weed (Milkweed): It doesn't seem to be coming back. I read that it's a late starter, so I'll give it a few more weeks.

Anemones: Not seeing any sign of these guys. But they bloomed late last year so maybe they are just taking their time.

The Cherry Brandy Susans: I was sure there was signs of life just last week...but now there's none. I'm very sad about this. Hopefully it bounces back, but I've got a feeling it won't.

Foxglove: I love it, but I have the worst luck with Foxglove. It's a plant that only lives two years (only blooming on the last) but it's suppose to seed so prolifically, that it just keeps coming up year after year. I've tried twice now, but mine just doesn't seem to come back. I'll keep trying though. It really attracts the bumble bees.

Heath: This one is not a surprise. It wasn't a healthy plant to begin with. The first year, it got crowded out by the Daisies, so I moved it, but it never really bounced back. I got a few bits of green on it last year, but now it is officially dead.
Catnip: This is Ollie's fault. I'm pretty sure he ate it right down to the roots!

Salvia: I know I moved it, and I'm not seeing any signs of it anywhere. It's suppose to be a butterfly favorite so I'll have to pick another up.

English Daisies: I should really know better with these ones. I can never keep them... but they are so cute, I just keep trying!

Oriental wedding poppies: They were doing great. Then they got smooshed. I thought they were coming back, but now they've disspeared again! Never did get to see them bloom.

Alpine Aster: This was a clearance plant I bought the first year I was here. It did really well and was a nice, early bloomer. But it doesn't seem to be coming back this year.

Ice plant: I bought three of these for the tree garden and it doesn't look like any of them survived. The rest of the sedum has taken over so it's ok.
Blanket Flower: This one  REALLY  surprised me because it did so well last year. It almost took over the Little Bee garden. But there's just no sign of life there.
Lupins: I've got more going in my winter so jugs, but the ones from last year haven't made a debut yet. I think this is my fault. I moved them mid year, and I don't think they liked it.


Vera said...

You do have such a wonderful variety in your gardens! I forget the term for it, but Sweet William is one of those plants that carries the genetic make-up for all the if you have deep red from a plant one year, it may come up another color the next. It's fun to watch and be surprised. Like you, I've never had success with Foxgloves. And your lilac will be gorgeous! (And it is more advanced than mine which still has just tiny, tiny buds).

Araignee said...

I just discovered my fancy daffodils blooming.....way down in the woods. I know I didn't plant them there.

kathy b said...

My sister and I did a tour of the yard yesterday. SHe is very good at plant id. We both lamented that we can never get milkweed to grow. Fireman says they prefer to seed and grow independently in woodsy areas. I think he's right. I love seeing all your plant /flower posts. My sister cautioned me that the deer will eat hosta, and most flowers so to wait before spending on annuals this year.

Delighted Hands said...

Once things started to grow-thy exploded! I would wait a bit for the others....maybe they will be coming with the warmer temps!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I don't have quite as much going on in the garden yet, but soon I think. It's always sad when something doesn't survive. I think I lost several blue fescue this year. And they were doing so well!!! That's gardening though.


elns said...

I really enjoyed seeing the growing report!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I'm sad for all those pretty ones that didn't make it. :-(

Cat Lover said...

Hi Valerie, you have such a wide variety of plants in your garden. I hope some of the deadish looking ones come back.
Gorgeous day today, I imagine you are out in your gardens.
Take care!