Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Friday of Freedom

I finished up my last day of the old job yesterday. I start the new job Monday. So today was my last Friday off for a very long time (probably Christmas when the company does a two week shut down).

So what did I do to celebrate?

Well, my plan was to sleep in, but Rocky had other ideas and decided that since I got up at 7 a.m. to use the washroom I should just stay up. We argued about it for about two hours, until after realizing there was a better chance of me learning to sky dive than the cat going away, I finally pulled my sad, sleepy butt out of bed.I fed the cats, read my email, then got dressed and headed up to Mom's.

I pulled the rest of the undyed Fluffy Cat out and began tying the skeins (with a little help from Russell):Once everything was tied, I put them in their vinegar bath and put on my running shoes.(Look Sam, I actually have running shoes!) and grabbed Lady's halti and leash. (Just fyi, the socks are Hedera in Forstissma Socka - the first socks Mom ever made me.)

After wrestling the dog to get her halti on, I gave her a ball to carry, and we headed down the road for a good long walk while the yarn soaked:When we got out past the houses and onto the country trail, I let her off the leash and it was fetch time:We walked and fetched until we were both tired (and it takes a long time with that dog!) and then headed home (I had to carry the ball on the way home).

By that time the yarn was good and soaked. So as Lady laid down for a post-walk nap, I headed down to the studio and dyed, dyed, dyed.Well, first I paid proper homage to Emperor Tiberius Felinicus, who wasn't going to let me do any dying unless he got his due first.

I stuck with simple semi-solids this time......and created a little rainbow of Fluffy Cat. Clockwise from bottom right are: Winter Wheat, Rumpelstiltskin, Pink Pearl, Brick House, English Ivy, Blue Topaz, and as-yet-unnamed-blue.

Then after annoying my father for an hour or two I headed home to clean the house (not a fun way to celebrate last day of freedom, but it was getting a little yucky in here).

Now, it's 6 p.m, and Dave won't be home until 9 p.m.... three whole hours of uninhibited knitting ahead!


Jeanne said...

Sounds like a nice day off (except for the getting up early part!). Very pretty yarn too. Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Those colors are beautiful!

Three hours all to yourself sounds pretty good! :-)

Have a great weekend. Now that the house work is all done, you can have a nice relaxing weekend.

Not ready for handspun said...

A beautiful day to play Fetch! And what lovely yarn colours. Drat, too bad I'm still several skeins behind.

Monika said...

That sounds like a fun Friday to me. I would have loved to trade it for my day! :o)

lexa said...

Pretty yarns! I ended up working a bit longer than scheduled yesterday, so my girls didn't get for a walk. I needed a break anyways -- walking those two is a total chore! They pull, Jewel has to stop and sniff EVERYTHING, and Maggie loses her mind and goes skitzo on a leash.

Kiki said...

Beautiful colours! You had a very productive day off!