Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend ended

Well, there was no thunder-boomer as I hoped. Just a lot of wind - I don't even think it rained overnight.

But the day was another beautiful, sunny one - though not quite as warm. I went to tackle the garden. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will remember that in my front garden, someone one long ago planted wild roses - otherwise know as "very pretty weeds".
If I don't hack (and I mean hack - think Rambo in the jungle with a machete) them back every year, my house will start to look like something out of Sleeping Beauty.

This is what it looked like when I went out this morning:(Notice foreman Rocky in the window supervising). Normally it's worse than that. I usually don't get to it until the beginning of May - but as I said before, you don't pass up weather like this.

And after what seemed like no time at all, it now looks like this:
(You'll notice foreman Rocky got bored and went for a nap).I also found some other sign of spring in the garden:That blue thing at the bottom left is my thumb - yep that snail is tiny! And there were lots of them. I put this one back in the garden where he could grow - or get eaten by a bird - c'est la vie!

There was some knitting too. I finished up another row on the Crackghan? And can you believe it is already almost halfway done?Check that out......a whopping 27 inches long!

Or to measure it another way...... its Rocky-sized!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter - instead of chocolate, Dave gave me his cold! Joy!


lexa said...

I uncovered a little beetle when I was raking leaves off of my flowers. I don't find a lot of snails in my garden, but there is a brook out back, outside of the hedge, and they are all over the cement wall of the brook. Just tiny like that one you found.

Not ready for handspun said...

Sorry to hear about your spring cold. How rotten; just as the weather is becoming so nice!

Monika said...

I love wild roses. We had them as part of a hedge in our front yard, at our old house.
Too bad you caught the cold! chocolate would have been much better.

Anonymous said...

Rocky seems very happy with his new blanket!

Kiki said...

We have some weedy roses like that in our back yard...they threaten every year to enclose the gas metre...needless to say they get cut back just as agressively as yours! Looks like Rocky saw you knew what you were doing and made a 'managerial decision' to have a nap :)

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry to hear about the cold-giving, but the rest of your weekend sounds wonderful! The crackghan's looking amazing (I think it's been adopted as a cat blanket, perhaps), and congratulations on the rose-hacking -- well done :)

Samantha said...

Wanna come do my gardens? They need more than hacking. Bleh. The crackghan looks AWESOME. Bad Dave.