Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shawl about our yarn

I'm in a little bit of shawl heaven right now.

Remember how Zetor was all pretty in stitches, but kinda yucky in colour?Well this is how it looks now.
Mom very kindly overdyed it for me because I've been too busy. AND she blocked it out for me. She couldn't pull the bottom down into points as the pattern calls for, because I cast off too tight (I was at the cottage when I finished and didn't have a larger needle to cast off) but it looks fantastic! (Mom also took the photos... she's an awesome Mom, I gotta say.)It's much larger than I thought it would be - about 56 inches wide. And it took just one skein of Top Cat. The Top Cat is a fantastic shawl yarn. This is the second shawl I've made with it. The merino blocks like a dream and the cashmere gives a really soft, luxurious feel. There's still some Top Cat left in the shop, and we will be getting more next month.

Mom overdyed the shawl with one of my favourite blue dyes and it created a lovely mottled purpley, blue and green fabric. So pretty, and even nicer in person.

I definitely want to make a larger, pointier Zetor now. I still haven't ripped out the Starry Zetor, so when the Sea Silk Frozen Leaves is done, maybe I'll finish it up.

I'm not sure if I shared this picture with you before:
This is a shawl of my own design, knit in our uberfabulous Fluffy Cat (colour is pink pearl). I knit this back in January. It was still at Mom's because she took the pictures for me (I'm still between decent cameras at the moment.) I want to get the pattern written up and available to you asap... but I have to find my written notes first... a goal for this weekend I think. It doesn't have a name yet - any suggestions?

To me, the Fluffy Cat is the ULTIMATE shawl yarn. It's sinfully soft, has an incredible drape and creates a light, sensuous fabric. Baby alpaca, cashmere and silk - it really is a luxurious yarn. Want to treat yourself to something special? This is the yarn!

There are five colours of Fluffy Cat in the shop right now. We did a little Fluffy Cat dying today and the results should be up in the shop by early next week (or this weekend if we get frisky). I'll be dying more on Friday as well.

And also on the shawl front, I'm still booking away on the Sea Silk Frozen Leaves and loving every minute of it. I've got six leaf repeats done, and it's starting to slow down because it's getting much wider, but I'm still aiming to finish it up by the weekend... so I guess I better get of the computer....


Kiki said...

OMG droolworthy!!! Zetor looks fabulous in the new colour! And that pink shawl is to die for!! I can't think of a name worthy of that luciousness!

Anonymous said...

The overdye color is very pretty.

Rhonda said...

Don't forget the roast beast and squash too.

lexa said...

Love, love, love the new Zetor! It was a bit Eastery beforehand. :)

TheBlackSheep said...

OMG! The overdyed shawl is fabulous! I actually gasped when I saw the picture. I am soooo tempted to go buy some of that yarn even though I never wear shawls.

Monika said...

Is roast beast and squash a new colorway? ;o)

Your shawl turned out great! So beautiful in its new color. You have a great mom!I barely like blocking for myself, I don't think I would do it for anybody else. :o)
And of course I agree,Fluffy Cat is a wonderful shawl yarn.

Samantha said...

Zetor looks great!! :)

Name your shawl "Acorn" ... dunno why, but it popped into my head.

Jeanne said...

Zetor is gorgeous! I love the color that the overdye much better. I wasn't sure what would happen with the overdyeing but what a good decision!

I love the new shawl - I have no idea what you should call it but its really pretty and I can't wait to get the pattern. I think I need to try Fluffy Cat now (you know Top Cat is my favorite!).

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, so gorgeous! Both shawls are stunning (I love the overdye on that first one). More yarn in the store and mother's day is coming up -- excellent combination :)

zoom said...

Those shawls are both so lovely!

TheBlackSheep said...

Hey! I need to know something, um, mostly because I'm too lazy to do a swatch and I didn't want to waste any of my Fluffy Cat. Does this yarn bloom/grow much when you wash/block it? Theoretically, it doesn't matter because I'm not worried much about the size (I'm doing a shawl), but I don't want to wind up with it being too huge.


PS, it's brilliant yarn and I can't wait to finish the shawl!