Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mid weekend update

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend- here's a quick post on what we've been up to.

* We've had some great weather (almost 30 degrees Celsius) but now it feels like there is a storm rolling in. I hope is a big thunder-boomer!

* Dave is horribly sick, but secretly I think he's enjoying it because I've been babying him all weekend. And mom made him homemade turkey soup (left over from our Easter dinner yesterday). Of course, he's driving me crazy because he's also cranky as all hell.

* I finished Helena and some matching booties, but pictures will have to wait until I find the perfect buttons. This one is far too nice to just throw on any old buttons.

* Other knitting has included socks, and a little bit on Zetor. Will probably do some more on Zetor after posting.

* If the weather holds tomorrow, I'm going to get out and clean out the front garden. It's earlier than I usually do it - but hey when you live in Canada, you don't waste weather like this!

* I have no pictures of anything interesting, but since I hate posts without pics - here's a word from our sponsor:
"Happy Easter - Can I got back to bed now?"


Rhonda said...

That looks like your dad right now. Tired and a little furry. (He needs a shave.)

Gabriela said...

i loved your sponsor!!!
Happy Easter to you!

lexa said...

It was probably about 24C here yesterday, but unfortunately I had to work. Today it's supposed to be about the same, so I'm hoping to get some yardwork done before we go to Ma's for ham around 4. I'd just like to get the garbage picked up (blows in our yard like crazy, I swear the people down the street don't know what a garbage can is for) and get the leaf bags taken to the compost yard. Hubs trimming the hedge before it starts to grow (it's easier that way) would be really awesome!

Happy Easter!!

Knatolee said...

Is this weather not totally bizarre for this time of year?!! I'm enjoying it, but it's very strange. My daffodils are about to bloom.

Your cat is adorable, and I hope David feels better very soon!

Monika said...

Good god, you can almost see down to the stomach! :o)
Hope your BF is feeling better soon!

Kiki said...

Not too far away from you and we hit's a little too hot too early for my taste, but I'm not going to whine too loud, it could be a heck of a lot worse! We got the storm yesterday too...lots of tree branches in our back yard to clean up. Everyone is out raking their yards today, Canadians instinctively know not to waste the good weather!

Love the sponsor!!

Jeanne said...

I hope you had a great weekend (Happy Easter!) - and I hope Dave is feeling better.