Saturday, July 31, 2010

A good start

There's no denying I was really looking forward to this long weekend. And so far it has gotten off to a good start.

Dave and I rolled out of bed at the crack of 11. ( I loooove sleeping in)

I went for a walk to (the weather is perfect - warm but not humid) to get a few groceries, while Dave did a little work on his convertible.

When I came back the boys and I stretched out in the backyard and read (a great novel about archers in the Hundred Years' War). A blue jay serenaded us for a while, and a little later a swallow came and yelled at the boys from a low lying branch. I wish I had brought my camera outside - they were both really pretty little birds.

But all that fresh air certainly tuckered Rocky out...
... so we came inside and cooked up some wild haddock and chips for dinner and the rest of the evening was spent knitting.

I finished up another row on the Crackghan, and finished up that new sock I told you about the other day.This is our Spice Trader colourway and I just had to see how it would look knit up.

Now that my curiosity has been sated, it's back to the goal of knitting up some second socks....

And for anyone interested in the Fluffy Cat lace - it will most likely be in the shop on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I love Rocky's Hello Kitty pillow! LOL

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Love the Spice Trader colorway...very pretty.