Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking a moment to catch my breath

I've been meaning to post all weekend, but somebody (meaning Dave) has been hogging my computer in the neverending quest to rid the world of radio active zombies. A noble quest to be sure (who hasn't been hassled by the annoying undead?), but this girl needs a little computer time too.

As mentioned in my last post - it's been a little hectic here at Chez Wandering Cat. Basically, I bit off a little more than I could chew. I have to remember that I'm working full-time now, not part time - so there are several less hours in the day to take on extra projects.

Admittedly, it took a minor emotional break down in the form a few tears of lots of f-bombs thrown at an unsuspecting, and undeserving sewing machine for me to finally admit that I am not superwoman (though I'd really love those lassos).

So, I have decided that:

1) The stealth sewing project will not be completed in time to give to the recipient when I wanted. However, said recipient is unlikely to be upset. And they will get it before the end of the summer

2) Dave's socks will not be done in time for his birthday. (Especially considering I left them at my mom's an have been unable to work on them at all this weekend - but I've made it to the heel on the second sock!). However, Dave is very understanding and tells me year after year he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday anyway (he's still getting cake and a present - it just won't be knit socks)

3) My peacock shawl is also unlikely to be finished in time to wear to my brother's wedding next Saturday. However, I knit about half of the first repeat of the second chart today while Dave and I went on an impromptu road trip. And, I did buy myself two new pairs of shoes for the wedding (I still haven't decided which pair I'll wear), so all is right with the world.

And despite the fact that all these things won't be accomplished as planned - lots of things have been taken care of this weekend.

1) I got my house clean (mostly) and I don't feel like I'm living on the trash heap in Fraggle Rock any more
2) I finished all my freelance stories and the company was so pleased they've asked for more. This will result in a nice fat cheque at the beginning of next month.

3) It didn't happen this weekend, but earlier this week, I whipped up a little drawstring project bag out of some utterly adorable fabric I had lying aroundIt's the perfect size to carry around a shawl in progress

3) Yesterday I helped celebrate the birthday of one of the bestest people I know. A good time was had by all (but I forgot my camera so there are no pictures - you'll just have to take my word.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is another Monday, so it's back to the work week. There are a few hours left to relax, so if you'll excuse me...
...someone would like my undivided attention.


lexa said...

Love the little bag! Too cute!

Not ready for handspun said...

Sounds like you're starting to dig yourself out, so that's good!

Samantha said...

The little bag is too cute!! I need to whip up something like that for me! I even have some fabric. :)

Thank you so much for coming to celebrate my thirty-poo with me. I love the yarn and the shawl. I have used the shawl already and Ethan keeps bringing my yarn to me telling me "heres you knitting".

RobinH said...

Geez, radioactive zombies! That's harsh. Especially when they hog the internet.

And I can so relate to taking on too much...good for you for recognizing it and backing away from the cliff.

Love for kitties, however...that's a priority. :)

Rhonda said...

We all like to think we're superwomen, but sometime you just have to say f&*&% it and take a break. Great motherly advice.

Knatolee said...

The kitty bag is super cute, as is the kitty!