Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another weekend bites the dust

It's been a quiet, albeit productive, weekend here at Chez Wandering Cat.

Most of it has been taking up with some stealth sewing that I can't show you yet. But that doesn't mean I've got nothing to share.

There has been cleaning - I finally tackled the studio.

Which of course means the door is now left open and Rocky has re-discovered the box of Christmas knitting:I hope everyone wants cat hair for Christmas!

There has been knitting:While I should be knitting socks, I couldn't resist the urge to crack open a skein of Slinky Cat in the ever-so-popular "peacock" and start a new shawl. Mom has been busy dying up some more of this lovely colourway so there will be more available soon.

There has also been some outdoor time:
Tux has been driving me crazy this week - just itching for a chance to get outside (and frequently trying to escape under my feet) but it's been too stinking hot.

Friday brought some cooling rain and the early evenings are much more comfortable so I took the fat boy out for a jaunt around the yard Saturday night.

Rocky was none to happy with me, as I waited until he was asleep upstairs before I took Tux out on his own. It makes me a bad cat mommy, but Tux likes to explore, while Rocky prefers to hunker down in a corner, so it's hard to take them out at the same time unless I have another person to hold a leash - and it's hard to convince Dave to participate.

I did make it up to Rocky with an extra long ear scritch, so I think he's forgiven me. I'll take him out later this week and we can spend sometime reading under the tree.

So, it's another weekend that's gone far too quickly, but I've still got a few hours left to knit, knit, knit!


Anonymous said...

Love the new look of the blog!

Tux is adorable!

lexa said...

Not much went on here this weekend. It has been raining all weekend. Finally seems to have cleared up this damned humidity, though. It's been way hot and humid, a combination I don't like.

Monika said...

Doesn't everyone want cat hairs for Christmas? :o)

I like your new shawl a lot, that color is gorgeous! Too bad I've given Denny my credit card to hide in the back yard. He loves to dig!

Funny how one of your cats wants to be outside, and the other doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Tux looks very much at home on the grass.
the colour of the shawl is delish!!

TheBlackSheep said...

I thought everyone appreciated animal hair for Christmas. I hope they do anyway, I always tell them it's a free bonus.

I can't keep Sydney in at the moment. Actually, I think that's a good thing. She did come in last night and wanted lap time, but with this heat, that's just not going to happen.

RobinH said...

Weekends surely are too short! Glad to see the boys are tending diligently to Important Cat Business like shedding on knitting.

And I've been admiring your luscious yarns and adorable knits (wee socks! *so* cute!) as I got caught up (after being on the road with minimal internet the last couple of weeks).

Rhonda said...

How the heck would you manage 2 children, 2 years apart. Bad cat mommy yes!!!!!

Samantha said...

The new blog colours look great! Love the paw prints! :) I have tried to be knitting, but life has been too busy ... kids get in my way. Geesh! LOL

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well it is great that Tux got some outside time - that is very important. And it is great that you got a lot of stuff done - at least it sounds like a lot! And it is funny that you wonder if people like cat hair in there presents - I don't knit but I am positive everyone gets a bit of cat hair - it is the fun of having cats!

Jeanne said...

Its not a real knitted item if it doesn't have cat hair on it!

The new shawl - gorgeous!

Knatolee said...

Love your kitties! (And your knitties!)