Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to socks

Wow  - how is it Monday already - and my last post was Wednesday?!? I meant to post sooner, I really did. There's several posts written - they are just all still in my head! Well.... onward and upward.. Let's talk socks.

This weekend I finished up the Zauberball socks.
I bought the Zauberball in Virginia, and started the socks a few days after our return. It's just a simple 3-1 rib cuff and boring stockknit foot - nice and simple.

I bought the yarn with my Dad in mind, but for now these are getting tossed in the Christmas box - there are three guys in my life that they will fit, so I can make a decision on who gets them later.

After casting off those socks, I dived into the stash and came up with a skein of Barn Cat that Mom dyed

And a new sock design is born. This one is coming along swimmingly! And I love the colours (colourway is Magical Mystery Tour)

And speaking of socks - if you've been on our Facebook page or poking around in our Rav group  - we've got a new sock KAL starting in September.

Come join us and win yarny prizes!


Anonymous said...

Somebody is getting a very handsome pair of socks for Christmas. Congrats on the quick finish.

Nancy Kay said...

Great looking socks! I sure like the looks of the new pattern being born...

Araignee said...

I am going to have to speed knit one of the pairs of socks I already have on the needles so I can dig out my Zuaberball from the stash. They do make perfect guy socks.