Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You've got me on my knees... Layla....

When I haven't been working on sock designs, I've been working on my Layla shawl. I picked it up Sunday after a few days break and was knitting away without the chart.

I was making great progress when I decided to check the pattern and see how many more leaf motifs it called for (I was planning on doing more, but I wanted to gauge my finished size by what was done in the sample.).

And that's when I realized, for the last kerbillion rows (also known as at least eight bloody inches of fingering weight knitting....) I was doing the leaf motif completely wrong!!!

The first few sets of leaves were longer than the next nine or so (a whole row longer for each leaf... not to mention, wider...). And readers who know me... yeah, I totally considered saying - a screw it - it's fine - and I can fudge it when I get to the transition chart.

But, I wasn't entirely happy with the way I was beading it anyway... so I took it as a sign and RIIIIIIIIIIIIIBIITTTT!!!

Frogged the whole darn thing. I spent the last few evenings re-knitting and re-beading.

I'm not quite up to the distance where I frogged it, but I'm close... and I'm much happier with the beading this time around.


Anonymous said...

I suppose if you are going to knit, you should knit it right.

At least that is what I tell myself EVERY TIME I have to frog.

The color of your shawl is very pretty. I'm sure this time it will be just right!

Nancy Kay said...

Oooo, I feel a twinge, as I do every time I hear "Riiiiibit." Frogging is painful...but once you get the piece back to where you were, it sure feels better to know it's done right!

By the way, what a pretty design!

Araignee said...

Oh no....I get a weird satisfaction when I have to rip and start again-after I get past the gut wrenching discovery part, that is. The whole process is like giving birth, once you get the beautiful FO, all the pain is forgotten.

elns said...

So impressed with your frog and re-knit of such a beautiful and complicated looking shawl. The beading thing is so intimidating to me. I am happy to see you do it. I'm happy you're happy knitting it!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

It is beautiful! I'm sorry it went wrong the first time, but I'm glad you ripped. It's too gorgeous not to be perfect!

Prudence said...

You can't fool me! You posted this so I don't continue to think you never have a boo boo! xo

Alisha said...

That sucks but it looks so great. You are so talented darling!!!!!