Friday, August 9, 2013

Modest modification

Those who know me, know I've been "blessed" in the bust department. The boob fairy definitely did not neglect me - and for the most part, I don't complain too much.

However, I do have some issues when it comes to certain necklines. Particulary a deep V - especially if it's paired with a crossover. My small-breasted compatriots can rock this style without a second thought. I try it and I might as well be wearing a sign that screams "LOOK AT MY BOOBS!!!!!" Sometimes that's okay - but it seriously limits how much wear those outfits get.

And when sundress season comes along, it can be hard to find styles that provide enough coverage. Sure, I can throw a tank top on underneath - but you don't always want that extra layer. So I've come up with a solution.

When I visited Sam last weekend, she gave me a couple of her old dresses.
Deep V + Crossover.... might as well just head out in my bra!
The dress is absolutely gorgeous!  But I just need a little more coverage! So I dug up some of the leftover eyelet material from the dress I sewed in July. I cut a triangle more than big enough to cover the V.
Boob napkin!
I hemmed the top edge and added a little matching lace.
Best sewing tip ever - LOTS of pins!
Then I pinned it to the bodice and hand sewed it to the lining. I could have run it through the machine, but I didn't want to have any stitching on the outside.
Et voila! it looks like the dress was made that way. The whole modification took about half and hour - most of that due to the hand sewing.
That's better! Now I can actually wear this dress without worrying that maybe I should have taped the girls in!

I've got a couple more dresses that will see much more use once I find some fabric scraps to work with them!


Nancy Kay said...

Perfect solution...and so easy to do.

Frieda said...

Genius solution , love it ! It is very becoming , the colours in the dress suit you to a tee ...

Monika said...

That's a great solution! Looks very pretty too. And boy, you are so tanned!

Rachelle said...

Excellent idea and it looks fantastic too!

lexa said...

I would have to do the same thing, too! I've got the same sort of... uh... assets? lol :)

Mo said...

Wonderful idea and the dress looks great on you!

Alisha said...

I have done this before. Great job!