Thursday, December 26, 2013


Once again, Santa was pretty good to me and mine this year - I really can't complain.

Dave and I have a bit of an arrangement for presents - he loathes Christmas, and after 11 years, I've pretty much given up trying to help him see the joy of the season. Now, I focus on just making it as stress-free as possible for him.

One of the things he absolutely hates is present shopping/making. Since I actually enjoy it, I take care of all the presents for his family, but there's still one person left to buy for - and that's me. So to help him out, round about November, I send him links to things I'd like (usually jewellry). I send several, so he can choose one, and while I know I'll be getting something from the selection, I never know which one.

This year was earrings...
Ooooh shiny!

Two gorgeous pairs. The pair on the left are amethysts, the pair on the right, black pearl and garnet.

But this year... there was something extra in the box... something I didn't suggest to him....
Blue topaz - my birthstone
I think he may be getting the hang of this Christmas thing! I may just keep him.

In other news, Dave's family discovered my love of hats and decided to contribute to my collection.
From Dave's Mom - she gave me a black, pinstripe one too.
Now I need a tommy gun and a zoot suit!
From Dave's grandma
It's hard to tell from the lighting, but the hat is solid fun-fur. Very warm. I actually have a full-length Victorian-style coat that matches this perfectly. I just need a few inches off my hips to get it on again.

I was not neglected in the knits department either - no yarn of knitting toys this year, but I did get the most awesome fingerless mitts ever.
That will brighten up winter!
This is Mom's design - something she came up with to crank out from her sock machine. These match the beret I made my self a few months back. Proper pictures of the mitts and the hat will follow after the weekend.

Dave got his socks, as well as jeans and boxers (it's not Christmas without underpants!), the traditional bottle of Jack Daniels from his uncle, as well as jube jubes and and jelly beans from his grandma.

Dave has headed off to the cottage for the rest of the holidays, so the house is nice and quiet. I'm using the time to finish up the last few things - there's still a holiday get-together with my brother and his family this weekend, and then my best friend and her family in the new year.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, like I did.


Rachelle said...

Some lovely jewellery there Valerie; it's always nice when they listen.

Araignee said...

Those mitts are to die for!!! Love the jewelery and hats too. So chic. Santa brought me....flag poles. Yup, that's The Mister's idea of a surprise gift. I can't complain because I neglected to get him anything other than the thing he picked out for himself. Bad me. I've got a surprise New Year's gift on the way for him. Amazon better get it here in time!

RobinH said...

Ah, I feel your pain. My guy hates Christmas too.

Dave done good, though! And the hats are adorable! You're definitely a 'moll' in the gray one. And nothing like a mom who knows her yarn for matching accessories!

I got some cool knitty stuff as gifts- will post pix soon.

Anonymous said...

Dave done GOOD! Congrats.

Enjoy your quiet time and wear your new "woolies" in good health in 2014.

Monika said...

Oh, such pretty jewellery! I like them all! And the hats too! I also like your new hair style. It looks like you've lost weight!
My daughter loves to wear hats too, and has a few.
The mitts look wonderful too.

kathy b said...

The Blue topaz was over the top gorgeous . Love your fingerless too!!

lexa said...

Cool stuff! I love that color of the fingerless mitts - Clover Color is my fave in the Kroy FX line. :)

Delusional Knitter said...

Love the earrings, very pretty. And he did great with the topaz!