Friday, May 29, 2015


I'm sorry for two garden posts in a row... but I have absolutely no knitting to show you!

But things are getting interesting in the garden!

A few days of warm weather and the blooms are busting out all over the place.   The Alpine Aster bloomed
And it looks pretty much like a daisy... just a little smaller and with different leaves.

The mystery plant turned out to be a very uncommon species of Bachelor Button (completely different foliage than the regular ones)
And in half bloom, it looks like a Thistle flower! And in full bloom...

Only one of my Armeria plants survived the winter, but it's almost ready to bloom
Ameria is a lot like a miniature Allium.

The Creeping Baby's Breath is blooming
I'm still waiting to see if the Pink Fairy Baby's Breath is going to make it - it's growing a lot slower.

Both clumps of Lavender are doing quite nicely. 
It's been blooming since I brought it home.

And the lettuce just keeps bolting...
At least it's pretty. I'm tempted to transfer it to bee garden and see if comes back next year.

And guess what else is blooming...
 The Scottish moss in the faery garden...
 Who knew moss blooms?

Out front, the dianthans have gone insane
It's hard to be mad at them for being fake annuals when they put on a show like that!

Oh... and over in the side garden, there's no sign of the Lilies or Blazing Stars... but take a look at the Gladiolus!
They are shooting right up - already taller than the Lily of the Valley!

We've got a bit of a cool weekend ahead according to the weather man (not so cool it will bother the plants) but then it's back to warm and sunny. Hopefully we'll have more blooms soon.

Can't wait for the roses!


kathy b said...

I too am waiting for rose blooms. I shouldn't be too impatient. We have the color of the columbine and daisies and irises right now. I see the buds, I water and I even put a banana peel in the rose roots. Read that somewhere...We'll see if it works

Araignee said...

So pretty! Nothing is blooming here anymore. We have all gone to green from the shade. I can't complain. It's been too hot and humid to care. I guess I am in for the summer. Thank goodness for AC. :(

Anonymous said...

You have so many beautiful colors in your garden!

elns said...

Ooooh I am liking those bachelor buttons all fuzzy and whatnot! Is it wrong that when I read/think creeping baby's breath, I just think creepy baby breathing, creepy baby. I mean some babies are kind of creepy right? shh. I mean I am part of the mom club, but sometimes ... I'm just sayin'. Too many horror movies, I dunno ...