Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Great Spring Staycation: Day 5

There's something I've wanted to tackle for a while, and after getting my chores done today, I set to it!
Yup. Bread! Growing up, Mom made bread frequently. My brother makes bread and buns all the time. There really is nothing better than fresh bread - and with the price of loaves at the grocery store lately, making my own has been looking better and better.

I found a simple recipe online, and in no time, my dough was set aside to rise
 And not long after!
and then just 40 minutes after that!
Two nice warm loaves! (one with cinnamon and raisins!) And they taste like bread too. I think this will be a nice surprise for Dave when he gets home from work.

And there's other things a-rising around here!
Looks like my garlic was a success - I've got three cloves sprouting now, and I suspect there will be more to come. (And yes, I'm totally thinking about the garlic bread I can make now!)
And this is either Gladiolus or Lily..... there are about nine coming up in the side garden (and don't worry - they got watered right after I took this picture.)

Rocky, however, is not rising
 In fact, he's completely out.... seriously - you should hear him snore!


gayle said...

Everything about homemade bread is wonderful - from the taste to how good it makes the house smell!
(I totally cheat with mine, though. I have a bread machine that I use just for the dough cycle. Dump in ingredients, walk away, pan up dough when it's ready, let rise and bake. All the goodness with none of the effort!)

Nancy Kay said...

All things "rising" are looking GOOD! Cute picture of Rocky too.

kathy b said...

That's one contented kitty!

Araignee said...

Mmmmm....I have't made bread in ages. I bet it was heaven.
That cat is something else. He makes me want to take a nap.

WildflowerWool said...

Oh my gosh, there is nothing better than fresh homemade bread. Yummy!