Monday, May 25, 2015

... and then there were two

I woke up Sunday morning to see TWO poppies bobbing in the breeze. I'm so glad I bought this one.
The Alpine Aster is almost ready to bloom. We just need a  few more warm days. But the weather has been crazily up and down this month - who knows what will happen
The Lilac doesn't seem to mind. She's opened right up and that's all you can smell in the yard. I love it!
I've got six garlic sprouts coming up. Back in April, I asked my brother about his garlic harvest. And he warned me - they will grow fast. He was right - these things are shooting right up. I can't wait to harvest. I think this is going to be  a garden staple!

And look, the new strawberry bushes are already getting red fruit!
It's tiny, and probably barely edible - but it's nice to see that little bit of red!

But not everything in the garden is all rosey. All four roses bushes have buds (I expect Chicago Peace will bloom first) but they also have aphids! They all got a bath in nice soapy water, so we'll see if that's enough.

And you'll notice I said four roses bushes... not five. Yep - they white one didn't make it. The little sprouts it was trying to push up just withered away.  I'll probably pull her out of the ground on the weekend.

And my lettuce in my salad bowl is bolting.
And while the flowers are pretty (this is the Arugula) it means it's no longer tasty. If I'm honest, I wasn't really happy with the lettuce before the bolting. I found it all to be bitter, even before it bolted.
So, I've bought some seeds for sweet mesculin mix. I'll remove the bitter lettuce and plant some of my own and see if I do any better.


Nancy Kay said...

Love all the blooms! You are doing well as a gardener!

Araignee said...

Bolting? Already? That's early.
I never had any luck with lettuce or cilantro. Everyone says they are so easy but not for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Maybe you shouldn't get rid of the lettuce. The flowers are pretty. You could use it just as a display plant.

Rachelle said...

Not much growth around here at the moment, but there are a huge number of silver eyes (birds) on our grapevine and blackbirds on the apple tree.