Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rock on, baby!

For a while now, I've been mulling over ideas for garden edging. Not only did I want edging because they look nice, but also because the maintenance company that mows the lawns here doesn't always seem to pay attention and there have been a few close calls.

There are lots of options out there - but I was looking for one that was extremely budget friendly.... free if possible. I found free railway ties and free cinderblocks on Kijiji.... but not only would I need help carrying them... I need something to transport them in - my poor Stella just isn't up to that job.

And then I remembered that I lived by the shore of a big ass lake.... a big ass lake full of big ass rocks.... okay... I don't really need (not to mention can't lift) the big ones... but there's lots of littler ones.

So I stopped on day after work, grabbed a reusable bag I had kicking around in my trunk... and went rock hunting.
I scoured the beach (not a tough job.... they are EVERYWHERE!!!) and filled the bag until I could barely lift it (rocks are heavy!) and brought my bootie home.
Foot included for scale....

Since I'm only able to get one bag at a time, I decided to start with the front garden as it's the smallest.
I definitely needed something... don't you think? Well a few moments later and....
Perfection! It's just what it needed!

The area to the upper right in that picture is going to get a garden this year. The bee garden is expanding, the veggie garden will grow a little and the backyard shrubs will be removed and replaced with something else.... I think I need at least four or five more bags of rocks to wall everything in! But it's a nice stop on my way home from work! (Not to mention, good exercise....)


kathy b said...

Fabulous idea. I Love water stones. Good job. It will be fun to see you progress. Im on the PORCH and we have two new baskets of flowers and a hibiscus tree for privacy. Its a start

Anonymous said...

OH! Those are GOOD rocks. That's the perfect edging.

Nancy Kay said...

Well done! The border looks great!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Yes, river rock! I think a little zen dry riverbed may also be in order! Keep hauling those rocks :)